Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Strange (garden) bed fellows.

In my previous post I mentioned a tomato-like fruit on my potato plants - on the fingerling potato plants. I took pictures of them this afternoon. 

There's a threesome in there.

And talk about strange companions, look what's keeping my Meyer Lemon tree company in its nice big pot -- tomatoes!  As is always the case, it seems, volunteer tomato plants show no signs of blight or any other problem. 

Click to bigify.
And more taters!  These were planted in the Gardeners Supply potato bag.  The potato is a "red".  Can't you tell?  Honest - I kept notes when I planted the garden this year, and these were reds.  Not.  But they are a very nicely shaped, large white potato.  Do they look familiar to anyone?

Still to harvest are fingerlings and Yukon golds.  Maybe.  Could be?  We'll see...  Another nice thing about vacations - I am looking out the window at my laundry on the line.  And it's raining.  And I don't care.


  1. You container garden too-your plum tomatoes are at the stage as mine--not done and can't wait to taste them I should go back in your blog to see how you did those potatoes . I just saw in your other post how you sort of did the reds. interesting. i wish I had a clothes line-sheets smell so fresh,straight off the line.

  2. I've noticed too that my volunteer plants are always the healthiest and best producing. I think this fall, I'm just going to "squash" some veggies on the ground where I want them next spring and see what happens. Maybe the garden doesn't "need" me........maybe I just need the garden!

  3. Love your volunteer plants! Rain fresh laundry....priceless!

  4. Hum, that almost looks like a husk cherry or tomatillo or something. But nothing I have ever seen on a potato!

  5. Yup, those "growths" on your potatoes are what I've had now and then in the past. I can't believe you've never had them, Jane. They kind of freaked me out the first time I saw them.

    Everything else looks so healthy. Even your albino red potatoes. ;o} Sounds like something I would do . . . and I'd be absolutely adamant about planting reds . . . even when they turn out to be lovely, big white ones! Enjoy them anyway!

  6. I've never seen the thingeemabobs on a potato either! And if volunteers or no-belongers ain't the truth! I have carrots all over that washed around and they are doing better than the ones I replanted on purpose!

    Oh I sooo hope you are enjoying your vacation!!! And I love that you don't care about those clothes! :o)

  7. Judy - I use my clothesline exclusively all spring, summer, fall, and winter when I can. I just love the smell of laundry dried in the sun.

    Sue - Great idea! It's a lot easier to smush them where they are than pull them out!

    Nancy - Priceless indeed -- it really saves a lot of electricity and you can't beat the natural air freshness.

    Jane - Too bad it's not a tomatillo! I'd love to grow them, but space is limited.

    Mama Pea - They are weird, aren't they? Seems like you should be able to eat them, but I'm following your advice. Hehe, yes, my albino red potatoes...I wonder what other surprises I have in store.

    APG - I think that volunteer carrots would be the only way I could grow them - I've never had much success otherwise. I believe I could get used to this vacation type of life ;0)

  8. This "tomato on a potato" thing is driving me crazy! Somebody's got to come up with some "official" or "scientific" answer or I'll go nuts!

  9. Those potatoes are beautiful! By the way, the fruit on there are the "true" fruit of the potato plant, (don't eat them!), the part we eat are just enlarged tubers or roots. Completely normal, some varieties produce more than others, plenty of times we don't see them simply because we dig and toss the plant before it happens!

  10. Carolyn Renee - Your sanity has been saved! See Erin's comment below.

    Erin - You are a fountain of knowledge, girl! I am itching to dig up my Yukon Golds, but I'm going to let the plants die back more first. Last to explore are the fingerlings - yum!

  11. and Yukon Gold make more "fruit" than others...LOL! Fountain, schmountain...