Friday, July 1, 2011


Last night, a friend brought me this.  I was flabbergasted.  And I am not easily flabbergasted.  It's an egg-shipper, for lack of a better description.  One carefully wrapped four dozen eggs, placed them in this metal shipping box and mailed them.  Amazing.  All the original wrappers are here, along with the last shipping label and the original stamps.  He said that he believed "things" belonged to certain people and that this certainly belonged to me!

Egg wrappers in their tubes.

Shipping label from a farm in NJ to Brooklyn.

Closed crate - you slid the strip with the postage from the inside, so that it
would be visible in the dark square to the right.


  1. Wow! What an incredible gift - that is just so cool!

  2. At first I thought it was an incubator, but I shipping crate is so much cooler. Very nice.

  3. How cool! I've never seen anything like that. It would be interesting to know the $$ value of it. Obviously, YOU are valued to be given it!

  4. HOW Neat! You obviously have earned a great deal of admiration to have been gifted with that! Never seen anything like it. I am sure you will treasure it!

  5. Alison - Isn't it amazing? I never even knew they MAILED eggs! Wouldn't be possible today.

    Jane - It is ingenius - I wonder how many of the 4 dozen eggs made it one piece, on average.

    Mama Pea - It is so complete - the instructions are there, the original stamped strips for postage, and there's a note taped on the underside of a piece of cardboard that looks to be in Italian. Research is in order!

    APG - Yes, that and they are doing a major clean-out. Lucky me!

  6. But hatcheries still DO mail eggs! At least they did three years ago when Papa Pea retired from teaching. That's the way he always got the Mallard eggs he incubated and hatched out in his classroom. They came in a styrofoam "case" type affair and usually arrived in very good shape.

  7. Wow! How cool is that!! Much classier than the way they ship them now.

  8. That is so cool! I'm already seeing an awesome way to display knitting needles! I just love old finds like that.

  9. That is so neat! I've never seen one of those before, never dreamed they existed. Any ideas as to what you're going to do with it?

  10. I'm sure you know,don't touch the writing on it,I once found a very old cocoa can in my father's basement-I set it on the counter, my husband does not know much about antiques-he washed it - I wanted to scream and jump down the drain to retrieve what paint and words I could but all was lost---what a treasure you have there!