Monday, July 25, 2011


One of the tire-planted potato plants went from robust to rheumy in a matter of a couple of days, so I thought I'd dig down and see what I got.  I keep forgetting that digging for potatoes is an adventure!  I unearthed three marble-sized spuds and then hit a big one!  In the picture below, you can see my harvest.  Not too bad - this tire was an experiment in organic potting soil + left over soil + llama beans.  I have four more tire stacks to go.  I am curious about one of the plants - it has set tomato-like fruit!  I have not seen this before and I'm wondering whether it is a characteristic of this type of potato, or if all potato plants do the same.  Anyone?

Also in the picture is a fairly puny onion.  The red onions are ridiculously small.  I'm new to onion (planting) so I don't know if it's the soil, the dry, dry summer or poor seed stock.  I am guessing it's a combination of the dry weather and poor seed stock.

But, most exciting of all... it's RAINING!  And a goodly soaking at that.  We've had blisteringly hot weather with a couple of small storms that produced more thunder and lightning than rain.  I am very glad to see it.

Poor thirsty pansies are enoying the rain.
And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KAY!  I hope you are having a wonderful day in Northampton with your daughter.


  1. Yea, potatoes. I see the makings of a good potato salad there. I have never heard of a potato plant making something that looks like a tomato. I will be curious to hear about that one. You need to show a picture.

  2. Wahoo-ee for your your rain too! See, that dancing paid off somewhere! Your taters look great! I never have much luck with red onion here either.

  3. Hooray for your rain! Glad to hear you're getting some.

    I've had "little tomatoes" develop on the vines of my potatoes occasionally. Supposedly they are the "fruit" of the blossom, but are poisonous so don't eat them. I've heard only certain varieties under certain conditions will develop this fruit. Mine happened last year on seed potatoes I had gotten from a friend (a red potato) that yielded a really good crop (well, up until the wire worm infestation anyway) but the friend didn't know the variety. Maybe if you Google "tomato like growths on potato vines" you could find out more.

  4. I've had little growths/fruit on mine as well about 3 years ago. Congrats on your rain!