Tuesday, July 12, 2011

When the Universe hands you lemons... is tempted to punch the Universe in the nose.  Lemonade, my arse!  I had to go look at the calendar to make sure today was not the Ides of Friday the Thirteenth.  If that is possible, that is my day.  It started at 4:30, when Scrappy, being spooked by the ever-present Boyz, bolted through the screen door.  While it was closed.

This was closely followed by the discovery that my freezer was kaput.  Let's hope it's not a terminal condition because I cannot afford to fix it or replace it.  Could this be the Universe suggesting I defrost the freezer TODAY?  I put as much as I could in the freezer compartment of my refrigerator, then ran through a mental list of friends who a) might have room in their freezer; and b) would be up at this gawd-awful hour.  It was quickly reduced to one and I called him.  Hallelujah, he was up and had room in his chest freezer.

I then did a quick run-through of what was salvageable.  I said to myself, "What would Jane do?"  I piled up all the thawed meat, fruit sauces, etc. in my fridge and will process it with my pressure canner and water bath canner over the next couple of days.  This little mishap is greasing the slide toward my becoming a vegetarian, so to speak.  The rest of the contents were shuttled the mile to my neighbor's freezer.  Another reason I am hoping this is a self-repairable condition is that I will have six giant meat chickens to deal with after next Tuesday morning.

I finished up as well as possible by 8a, then trotted out to do my chores.  To find that the lambs had found a way to squeeze out.  Lordhavemercy.  That meant I had to steer the lambs back into a fenced in area (much like herding cats, or pushing string), then let the sheep out with them, then close them all in, then go get grain with which to tempt them back into the main sheep area.  A half-hour later, this was accomplished.  Then I fed the goats and took care of the chickens, then watered the garden, then took my much-needed shower, then...

Discovered I had nothing ironed to wear to work.  To my credit, I did not lose my temper, I did not shout bad words.  And I did this all on one cup of coffee and no breakfast.  I am having thawed bean/ham soup and two hard boiled eggs for breakfast/lunch.

So, how was your day?


  1. Ha! Well thanks, but what Jane would really do is say the bad words. And lots of them, mostly four letter ;) I really hope you figure out your freezer problems. Did you check the breaker AND the outlet. Sometimes they fry the outlet but dont trip the breaker.

  2. Methinks the rest of us would have to spend the whole day to go through what you went through before 8 a.m. this morning!

    Oh, I do hope, hope, hope the freezer isn't kaputz because you're just gonna need one with the garden produce and those chickens wanting to be frozen. Let us know how that turns out. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. May you have a boring day at work without the black cloud of doom following you.

  3. WWJD??? LOL, that was just a matter of time before somebody reinvented that phrase, hahaha! All this happened before work? Goodness girl, I sure hope the day gets better from there :)

  4. Melanie - Oh, yes. I HAD thought of calling you, but know that the rest of your crew would have then been grumpy.

    Jane - Full disclosure - I THOUGHT them. The motor was still running, but it wasn't getting cold. I'm hoping that a couple days of rest and restarting the thing will work.

    Mama Pea - From your lips to the Universe's ears.

    Erin - Not to jinx myself thoroughly, but I can't get worse!

  5. This is the second post I read today and the first one had a list of things that went wrong too! It must be spreading! Hang in there kiddo!

  6. Nancy - Hanging on by my fingernails, what there are of them. Glad it's not just me -- I was beginning to take it personally ;o)

  7. You put an entire day in nearly before most people wake up even! Times like this, you really consider laughing because if you cry, you just go to work with puffy eyes. If you go to work at all that is. I hope you didn't go naked not having things ironed up and all.

    I hope tha Canning Gods cooperate with you at least. Then you don't have to worry about it any more. See, one more reason to can more stuff!

    Hope your day improved a ton!

  8. Pushing string... so true with lambs! I think the loose lambs bothered me more than your broken freezer, just because it was one thing after the other. Hang in there, sleep good and start a new day!

  9. Oh my, you had a horrible day. May it be a once in a lifetime day!