Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I have had one or more cats for years.  (I once had seven cats.  Inside.  It was insane ... and so was I.)  While what I really wanted was a dog -- don't tell the cats-- I lived in apartments most of my life and a cat was all I was allowed.  I have never regretted sharing my life (and furniture) with cats.  Although, truth be told,  I did rather resent some of their attentions to my personal property.  I have grown to love their complex personalities; their ability to live without the faintest whiff of guilt.  I like to think my cats and I co-exist on equal terms.  But I would be lying.  I am their slave.

(Once)Slim (l) and Cookie the Fang-less (r)
I was surprised when I looked at this picture that it was difficult to tell (Once)Slim and Cookie apart.  Cookie will be 12 this year (born on March 31, 2000) and (Once)Slimmie is approaching 2 (DOB not quite as pinpointed).  I was also surprised to realize that all three of my cats are a) male and b) black and white.  I have been trying to get a close-up of camera-shy-Kramer's face.  He resembles a small, daffy, adorable vampire cat.  If you stare at him long enough, he slowly opens his mouth, baring his fangs, and squeaks.  And if you hug him tightly, he resembles a squeaky toy.  Ask me how I know...

I pinched this from somewhere - I get hysterical every time I look at it.


  1. That "pinched" photo is hilarious. And exactly what they'd say, too, if they could talk. I love their independant nature. If I didn't love traveling so much, I'd probably be known as "the crazy cat-lady".

  2. I never cared for cats probably because my mom was afraid of them. Then my daughter tamed a feral cat and got another and . . . and . . . and . . . well, you understand how that goes. Now I think I'd actually like to have one. Or two. If I could toilet train them.

  3. Kitty Pictures!! What a great way to start the morning, thanks!

    And I agree, that pinched photo says so much, doesn't it?p

  4. I am with Mama Pea, never been much of a cat person. So what I would like to know, is how do they know this about me?? And every time I am near a cat they like to become like velcro to me. Trying desperately to break down my 'no cat' wall. Sneaky animals I say!

    Love the caption on that photo :)

  5. We didn't use to be cat people. Then we had soooo many rats, and I was terrible at catching them, we broke down and got a sweet little female kitten. That was about 17 years ago, and believe it or not, she's still kicking.
    Cracked up at (once)slim cat. I think that bottom picture must have been taken in our house. Except I don't have blond hair. And I'm not hot like her. Except in my dreams. Ok. Shutting up now.

  6. Careful what you wish for Mama Pea, we had a cat that we took cause owner had to move, every time you wanted to use the bathroom you had to wait for the cat. He would run in ahead of you and stand on the seat and pee in the toilet.

  7. I have always been a "CAT Slave"! When I lived in Iowa, we had a cat who had 9 in one litter (She was a HUSSY!). 10 masters and only 2 Slaves! And they all wanted to sleep on the Bed! Like trying to sleep between ten "Buzz Saws"!!
    I always have at least one Cat and Dog in the house. Right now it's Luke (Orange Tabby) and Daisy (Terrier Mix).
    The only thing that I hate about loving Pets (do not tell Luke I called him a PET!) is that I know that someday they will Cross "The Rainbow Bridge"! In the past year, I have had a Cat and a Dog do that! And I still miss them both!

  8. I too am a slave to my kitties, especially Bob, the talker!! He "tells" me that he wants cat food in the middle of the night and he wants it NOW!! It is easier to just get up, stumble into the kitchen and oblige him than to lock him in the back bedroom, etc. Ruby actually talks just as much but her meower is broken so we can't hear her...good kitty!! ;-)

  9. Sue - It is way too easy to become a crazy cat-lady, let me tell you.

    Mama Pea - We never had cats, as my mother does not like them. I think they are mezmerizing - when they are not shredding your possessions.

    dr momi - I just can't call him Slim anymore. He's, um, sleeked out...

    CR - I knew you would love the topic!

    Jane - My mother is not a cat lover. However, ALL of them are glued to her as soon as she arrives. Cats are glad I don't have kitten pictures posted.

  10. Lori - LOL! You and me both - the only thing I have in common with the babe in the picture is the expression.

    TL - That is the funniest thing I have ever heard! It's bad enough that I have to throw everyone out now, WITHOUT them using the facilities (there's a heat vent under the sink).

    Tom - To have a cat is to be a cat slave. I know what you mean - I lost my Tippet two years ago, and Woody last year. It is very hard and they are never far out of your thoughts.

    Candy - Kramer is my talker. Or squeaker. Sometimes it IS easier to just get it over with. They know how to get to us.

  11. I love your blog. I would like to awarded you the Veratile Blogger Award. Please pick it up on my site.

  12. I never thought I'd see the day where I'd click on a post titled "Cats"!!! See how much I love you? LOL..... thanks for expanding my horizons hahaha

  13. Michelle - Thank you so much!

    Erin - I feel the love! LOL. That's just what you need - a cat. NOT!

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  15. I am a proud cat slave. They have me very well trained.

  16. Great blog, funny too! I miss my cat....