Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Now, THIS is a Junk Drawer!

I cannot believe I am actually proud of it.  Well, I am not actually proud of it -- it's more that I am so totally amazed at the pure Junkiness of it that it causes great wonder in me.  Wonder, as in, "I wonder why I allowed this drawer to develop into the total nightmare that it is."  (Now is a good time to leave the room, Sylvia...)

I double-dog-dare you to biggify!
Of course, I couldn't leave it that way.  After four cups of tea...

Note the two tubes of dog/cat toothpaste.  As if.

I still need to add some dividers so that it doesn't go all in a jumble again.  But that means that I have to sort through my craft closet.  That will take more than tea.


  1. When I saw the "before" , I thought I'd let you borrow Wonder Hubby for a bit. He is driving me BATTY rearranging things. This winter HAS to end. We MUST leave on vacation soon. Oh please, mess it up again. I'll send him over.....
    (he DOES require LOTS of cookies, however.....)

  2. Ummm, would you like to see my SEVEN junk drawers?? Granted, they are 1/2 the width of yours, but still....SEVEN???? Good idea for a cleaning afternoon. Or entire weekend.

  3. I can straighten up the junk drawer and hubby can mess it back up looking for ONE thing that is RIGHT IN THE FRONT!! LOL!!

  4. Yay, Susan! Great junk drawer!! Good thing you located those tubes of toothpaste for the fuzzy kids.

    Candy C., I didn't know our husband's were related?!

  5. I saw a suggestion for using the bottoms of cereal boxes as containers for your junk drawer. That would work nicely for containing rubber bands and pens, etc but not so much for duct tape and large tools!

  6. My question Is why is the first picture considered 'bad'. I have a whole house that looks like the before picture. Long live the mess!

  7. If I straightened my junk drawers I'd never be able to find anything ... LOL

    I have seeds, oil lamp wicks, graphite pens and velcro straps to name a few. If I knew what "category" they fit in I'd be able to put them in the right place ... but...

  8. Sue - I have MANY more drawers that need help. Send him on down!

    CR - I'll see your seven junk drawers and raise you two more...

    Candy - That's the joy of junk drawers - nothing is obvious.

    Mama Pea - I don't know what I was thinking; brush their teeth???

  9. Jenyfer - That is a great idea. If only I ate cereal. I will have to keep my eyes open for appropriate boxes. That just warms the cockles of my recycling heart.

    Jane - Hehehehe.

    Yvette - I would file all that under "Miscellaneous". That's always how the trouble starts.

  10. You know, with our kitchen remodel going on, I asked Dan the other day where I should put the junk drawer. He said, "do we need one?" Duh.

  11. I'm hetting ready to tackle mine soon!

  12. I, yes I, have organized my junk drawer and then cannot find anything...I truly believe that is why they are called junk drawers .. junk drawers and my car are two areas I have given up on.