Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Musings.

Over the six years I've lived in my house and made the Great Trek West by Southwest every morning, Monday through Friday, I have done all kinds of things to make the commute less mind-numbing.  With varying results.  I have listened to the radio.  But, I can't abide commercial radio, as I have developed an instant hive-breakout  as soon as I hear a political or car ad.  So, that leaves our two Public stations.  One is classical and it is very nice - soothing, uplifting, mind-numbing.  The other is...GAWD AWFUL.  I would love to go on about it, but my blood pressure soars. Let's just say that it is ruled-over by a nasal-ly, pompous little jerk with visions of grandeur and limited vision of any other kind.

Breathe, breathe.

I have listened to books on CD - most of which were thoroughly enjoyable.  Some of which were horrid.  What, may I ask the producers of such entertainment, were you thinking when you had the male voice go into a falsetto for the woman's part????  So I spend most of my journey either talking to myself (on the over-the-mountain part where no one can see me) or listening to music CDs.  If there is no music to distract me, I think about the beautiful landscape through which I am driving (unless it's foggy snow, then I am clutching the wheel and hoping I make it down the mountain alive); I wonder what's become of the elderly lady with the pitch-black dyed beehive hairdo that lives in the neat little trailer with the white deer sculptures.  I had almost convinced myself that I should stop and introduce myself (and check on her, nosy Nellie that I am) when I passed one day and there were people cutting the grass and neatening things up - people that looked like relative-types.  I felt better.  And I spend a lot of time wondering why people throw trash out of their car windows.  It has never, ever crossed my mind to toss out anything (other than the occasional apple core - I think of myself as Sweezie Appleseed) out of my car window. 

Then there's the music.  Along with names, smells and electric shocks, music stirs up deep memories.  (Just kidding about the electric shocks....but I am sure it would stir me up greatly)  Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne" takes me straight back to South Dakota in the summer of 1969.  Jimi Hendrix' "Purple Haze" finds me sitting in my dorm room in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.  Any of the early Beatles' songs has me prone in our living room, giant headphones on my head, tethered silently to the hifi set.  Classical music tends to make me wistful for Blossom Music Center in Cleveland.  Bagpipes make me cry - instantly - and stir up all kinds of genetic stuff. 

What sets off your metronome?


  1. I'm so schizophrenic when it comes to music--everything from opera and classical to head-banging rock--depending on the state of my mood. The only thing I DON'T like is rap....and I'm sorry to say country. I know-that's terrible, but really,-twang twang. LOL!

  2. Gotta admit that the only music (and my father, were he still alive, would jump right up and proclaim loudly, "That's NOT music!") that brings back vivid memories is . . . are you ready for this? . . . anything Elvis. It must have been the highly impressionable age of 8th grade I was in when he hit the music scene. It wasn't even his physical presence for me but, oh my, that VOICE! I still pull out albums of his (on CDs now, of course) and can be transported back to that time. Just as I did then (which drove my father to distraction), I can listen to his songs over and over and over and . . .

  3. I love audio books for long trips. In truth, I have only listened to a few but the ones I did listen to are so vivid in my mind that I feel like I watched a movie instead of listening to them. Only draw back for me is that I find them slightly distracting from the act of driving, which would not be desirable in most situations, particularly when driving down a mountain!

    I more often listen to music - something I sing to is best :)

  4. I have to admit that I do not like having the radio on in the car. I like the peace with out it. My Husband always wants the radio on no matter what he is doing and it drives me crazy. Nothing is worse than a beautiful still morning and some blah blah blah on in the background. Oh for heavens sakes, I am turing into my Father !

  5. The applecore made me laugh. When we go on long roadtrips home to MN I always bring a bag of apples and the kids love it because they know it's the one thing mom will let them throw out the window LOL!!!

  6. Celtic and bluegrass music both get me swaying and toe-tapping. I do believe it is a genetic thing! :)

  7. But I love Alan! And the fund drives. Remember when the phone was sung to Camptown Races? I still do that in my head. I'll bet you remember the phone #.
    Wednesdays I commune with the granddaughters to popular rock, though I did spout off about the s&m song, and grumble at most rappers.

  8. Sue - I am on the same page - but I love Patsy Cline and Lyle Lovett.

    Mama Pea - Our poor fathers. It took ages for him to allow me to buy (and play) a Beatles album. I got all swoony about George Harrison. And STILL about Leonard Cohen.

    Jenyfer - I have, more than once, wondered how I traveled the 25+ miles while listening to a particularly good book on cd. I am a singer, too. I love to belt them out in the car.

    Jane - Peace and quiet is the best, although sometimes, in traffic, I need something to calm my nerves.

  9. Erin - Just think of how many apple trees have been planted by your family!

    Candy - I LOVE bluegrass music. There is a whole lot of seat-dancing going on between the homestead and the office some mornings.

    Kay - Sigh. I know you do. And I still love you. It makes my hair curl when I hear some of those lyrics. Geez - so much girl-bashing. It's unhealthy!

    Hunka - So I've been told. I'll have to wait for my next new-to-me car...