Wednesday, February 1, 2012

By Popular Demand...

She's a LOT taller than Hoosier~

Ooooh, look at that face!

Although her fleece is a mess right now, it's some beautiful stuff.

One of my favorite faces - Granny Flora.
Chickie L.O.V.E.S. his pine boughs.

I am ALWAYS under surveillance.


  1. I LOVE the way Apria's ears turn in and the dog watching you from the window is cute! :)

  2. It will be curious to see how "different" Apria looks when she gets her spring cleaning (shearing?). Love the last picture!

  3. Thank you for sharing these photos. Cute.

  4. Apira sure has some beautiful colors! It's like two llama fleeces in one!

    Hmmmm....llama, sheep, goat, dog. You seem to be missing a feline picture.

  5. she will look much better with a "new do" as soon as you get her clipped. Love the dog staying comfy in the house and doing surveillance from the window.

  6. Candy - She has radar - I swear! She is the most alert llama I have ever seen. A real plus!

    Mama Pea - She has a much heavier coat than Hoosier. She seems to have more of everything!

    Kristina - My woolly family.

    CR - I am really looking forward to cleaning her up, then letting that amazing fleece grow! Hey - you forgot the chickens!

    TL - Scrappy stays in that window the entire time I am working with the livestock. As time goes on, he sinks lower and lower into the cushion until all you can see is chin, nose and eyes. He is such a character.

  7. I love her multi-colored fleece! She's beautiful and looks like she's settling in nice and gently :)

  8. I love them all, but of course I think Chickie is adorable! :) Apria is going to be one beautiful girl all cleaned up. Having a cria would be one amazing experience! You'll have to keep us all filled in on the situation.

  9. Jaime - I hope the shock of coming from a large farm to a tiny one isn't too much for her middle-aged self.

    Patty - I would love to take a video of how he sashays around the place. He and Sage are the cutest things going!

  10. Looks like you are getting the hairy eyeball, or as we call it, furry eyeball from the house. I am going to go out on a limb and say that you did not consult the four legged house dwellers how they felt about the new addition? I sense a mutiny! But she is very pretty:)

  11. Jane - You don't know how right you are! Apria has been known to roll a 110 pound Great Pyr! She is not a fan of dogs, being true to her job as guardian. I haven't let the (you-know-whos) in on this little fact, however. One needs peace in the homestead.

  12. Ha! Love the last pic of the pooch.

  13. Thanks for the pictures, all those critters are cute.

  14. Awww, so cute! Looks like everybody is happy now. Nice that you are loved enough to be watched like a hawk!!

  15. Linda - He is such a total character. We call him Bert Lahr in a dog suit.

    Erin - On behalf of the furred and feathered, we thank you!

    BB - Yes, they are - and I love them!

    Lori - You know, sometimes I feel like he's the hawk and I'm the sparrow...

  16. She's beautiful! Oh, I miss my Charlie Llama. I still get sad over losing him. I don't reckon you're allowed to touch yet, but sounds like you're off to a fabulous start!

  17. What a group! Bat there is never a dull moment! Scrappy wants to keep an eye on his MAMA! But standing in one spot, legs get tired and the window sill is a great spot to rest a chin!
    Great pictures! Do you take any other kind? Nope, I do not think so!

  18. Okay, not being a farm-kind of girl may I ask a dumb question: What do you do with all these wonderful furry creatures besides feed them and clean up after them and build the shelters?

  19. Leigh - I know what you mean. I still miss my first and dearest llama, Bosco. He was amazing. Apria and I are working through her shock...

    Tom - Thank you! Yes, Scrappy keeps a very close eye on me. Even inside.

    Jenyfer - Good question. In my case, I use the fiber from the sheep and their manure for my garden. The llama is primarily there to guard them from the coyote population that's in abundance here - but she also will provide fiber and manure. Llama "beans" are amazing in the garden!