Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Things.

I needed a changer - ergo, the new "look" for the blog.  I love the description:  Ethereal.  That is so NOT me, but I am very fond of hummingbirds.

And the new kid in town:  Miss Apria.

She is still pretty leery of me, the sheep and just about everything, but I am plying her with love and shepherd's mix.  It was quite an uproarious day on Sunday - E and her husband arrived in their minivan (!!!) and unloaded Apria.  Then we went inside to do the necessary paperwork - all the transferring of papers/ownership/etc. nonsense that drives me wild.  Then we went outside where I had everything all worked out.  Would it be any surprise at all to find out that nothing - and I mean NOTHING - worked out as planned?  The only transfer that went smoothly was Hoosier.  He was not at all happy about being faced with a minivan, but eventually he got in.  I then sauntered down, feed bucket in hand, and led the sheep into the run-in shed.  Every last one of them except Cocoa the Crazy and her little loony lamb.  We must have chased her for 15 minutes, until we finally got her cornered behind the shed.  After rassling for another five minutes, E's husband gave up and hefted her up in the air and staggered up the hill.  We managed to get her in the van and went for Freyda.  Who managed to slip out of her halter and took us on the same wild ride as Cocoa.  Poor E's husband - he sure got his cardio workout yesterday.  And they had an hour and a half drive back to the farm.

We led Apria into the sheep paddock and let the remaining bonzo sheep out.  They came running and then slammed on the brakes as a unit and stared at Apria as though a Martian had landed in their midst.  It's been a little bumpy, but I think they will all be settled in soon.  Apria is much larger than Hoosier, who was sort of a squirt.  E said that he seems to be enjoying his new accommodations - I am sure that having Cocoa/nut and Freyda there with him will help the transition go smoothly.  Poor Apria has no landmarks - nothing familiar.  She keeps sniffing the sheep and looking puzzled.  I will get some close-up shots of her once we are better acquainted. 

Oh, yes.  According to E, Apria was "exposed" to a spotted male llama this past fall.  She will very likely have a cria this fall.  Mmmm.  Hmmm.


  1. Haha! Sure would have liked to have seen a video of all the cavorting going on at the great animal switch! Why is it when dealing with animals, they always have their own agenda and the one you have carefully set up means nothing to them? I know that under your loving care, Apria will settle in very quickly. More pictures when you have time, please.

    P.S. I just don't know how you find the hours in each day to do what you do. Amen.

  2. A MINIVAN?!? No wonder the sheepies didn't want to get in!
    Can't wait to see more pics of Apria, she looks lovely!

  3. My, you sure do a lot of rastling. And I agree, the "alien" animal is very pretty! Hope the wooly buggers take to her soon.

  4. I hope she settles in easily and soon. I wish we had video of the in and out of creatures with the mini van. :)

  5. She's really pretty! That would have been fun to see the other animals check her out LOL! You are one busy gal, and the minivan thing has me laughing! I'm sure one day I'll have chickens in the Subaru!

  6. Congratulations on the new llama, hope you do get a cria.

    Any stranger setting foot out in the animal pens here sets off the catch me if you can alarm. If I know someone is coming ahead of time I will pen them up before they get here. And best to have them sign a liabilitly release before they get out of their vehicle, especially if they came to get a cow. Second thought get liability release any way, lol.

  7. Um, exposed? I didnt know downsizing meant sneaking a stowaway in. But she is beautiful. Poor thing, I bet she can not figure out why she keeps getting stuck with all these short, vocal, eating machines. I can just see her standing there saying "crap".

  8. Mama Pea - Yes, that would have been a video destined for viral-ness! Ignorance is bliss, my dear Mama Pea! I just don't pay attention.

    Candy - Isn't that a riot? E. said she once got 10 sheep in it. That's a little too much lanolin in one place for me.

    CR - Yes'm. Annie Oakley has got nothing on me! There is still a lot of tip-toeing around but it's calming down.

    Tina - You should have seen the expression on Hoosier's face - it was priceless!

  9. Erin - Lawdamighty, I hope you don't put chickens in your Suburu! They stink to high heaven in about a nanosecond!

    Lori - No one can accuse me of having a dull life.

    TL - Man, oh, man. A rampaging cow is a whole nuther animal in every sense of the word!

    Jane - Yes, I just loved how that slipped into the conversation. She is so much bigger than Hoosier, the sheep have to look up. And I bet "crap" wasn't the only thing she was saying.

  10. Love how the sheep came running and "slammed on the brakes" -- I can see it. A baby in the spring -- oh how fun!

  11. Umm, I want to know how you get a llama into a minivan.... THAT would be a sight to see.


  12. Oh, she looks really lovely from here! Can't wait to see a close-up :)

  13. She has pretty color, and a cria too.. like everyone else pictures please..I also wanted to thank you your right on the Barnevelders, they are even more suited for a duel purpose then the marans,which ones do you raise?

  14. The books arrived last night and they are awesome! I can't wait to try one of the 'retro recipes'! Thanks, Susan!

  15. dr momi - They certainly have the herd mentality. Thank goodness they are sweet-natured (now that Cocoa is elsewhere).

    Judy - You'd have to see it to believe it!

    Jaime - She is very lovely - and gentle.

    BB - I have Barnevelders now. They are beautiful birds, calm, great layers. My rooster is a Barnevelder and he is gorgeous! I will have to post pics.

    Erin - I am so glad! You will have to post the results of your retro cooking...