Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Do they make Quack-Traks?

I am so glad that there is no such thing as Global Warming or Climate Change.  I just can't tell you how the knowledge that everything is hunky-dory on the Earth front is helping me get a good night's sleep.  Drip.  Drip. (Sound of sarcasm dripping).

This was the Chicken/Duck Yard on Sunday:

Looking from Coop to Deck.
This is the Chicken/Duck Yard Tuesday morning:

Looking from Deck to Coop.
Notice anything different?  Every surface is covered with ice.  And very dangerous ice - the kind that has pools of water on top.  I was watching the poor ducks try to maneuver across the yard and they just gave up and slid on their bellies.  Banyan, usually bouncing and leaping with joy at the arrival of his morning grain ration, ended up doing controlled little hops, slipping and sliding toward the grain feeders.  We won't go into my tiny shuffling steps.  Sunday morning: 1 degree.  Monday morning: 30 degrees.  Tuesday morning: 41 degrees.  Will it be 70 degrees by Saturday?  I am just hoping that this warming trend will completely melt all the ice so that we can start off fresh this weekend with NEW ice.  (drip. drip.)


  1. Quack-tracks? LOL!

    I despise ice! I waddle around like a penguin. Not a good look!

    Be careful out there!

  2. I can so sympathize! We have near the same situation around here. Wild fluctuations in temperatures but the bottom layer of ice seems to be a permanent thing. (How can that be?) Not only do I walk like Sue's long lost twin sister penguin, but it makes me FEEL like an old lady the way I shuffle along.

    You've got to be careful 'cause I don't know if that lesson you gave Bernie on dialing 911 stuck with her. Friend of mine fell on the ice four weeks ago and broke her arm bone right below her right shoulder socket. Four more weeks of keeping her arm strapped to her side. She's going bonkers. Don't want you in that shape!

  3. I guess we can blame it on the jet stream. I just saw this on the news, the jet stream has stayed very far north this year-artic circle north- and only dips down occasionally. Compared to last year where the jet stream was in the southern states most of the winter. It keeps it interesting ;)

  4. Sue - It's amazing the 'steps' we have to take not to fall down! This morning it was all frozen again.

    Candy - Yes, ma'am, I am being very, very careful.

    Mama Pea - I thought your weather was awfully similar! I am so aware of falling and breaking something that I can hardly move sometimes. I don't dare break anything - my 'sidekick' is still healing from a broken thumb.

    Jane - Jet stream? In the Arctic Circle? Doesn't that sound like an oxymoron? Everything certainly feels like it's on its head right now. Loved that ice tractor, by the way. Since I can't comment on YOUR blog, I'll have to comment on your blog on my blog. You know what I mean.

  5. This has been a crazy year with snow and ice. I finally gave up going straight into the hay loft and now I go through the basement of the barn and climb up the ladder. I hate climbing the ladder in winter boots but it's better than trying to go across the ice. Take care of yourself out there.

  6. Yeah, it's dripping off the polar icecaps, too....

  7. Rea - That sounds like more than your fair share of exercise in the morning! You take care, too.

    Michelle - Way too much dripping going on. I am just afraid that it will snow into April at this rate.

  8. A friend fell on the way to work this morning and has a compression fracture in her spine. BE CAREFUL.
    By the way, one of my new thumb therapy directives is to push down the plunger on a syringe. Wonder if I can manage enough oomph to deworm the critters.

  9. Kay - Pressing the syringe is the easy part....

  10. It has been a crazy winter! I suspect though, that drastic changes in the weather have been more common over the millennia than we realize. After all, there's coal in Antarctica! Takes warm climates and plant matter for that. :)

  11. Yep, that global warming nonsense is complete hogwash, isn't it? LOL!

  12. Funny! This is the first year we haven't had bad ice. I got me some yaktrax LAST year cuz i was tired of the bad landings!