Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trusting the Universe.

The Universe came through and saved my bacon.  I found a new vet - a wonderful, country vet, who has an equine and small animal practice that he runs singlehandedly (with help from a vet tech when needed).  I transported Cookie to the clinic yesterday, full of trepidation.  I had only spoken to the vet on the phone - had never met him.  I had never been in the clinic.  Was I putting Cookie at risk for the sake of mere money?  What I found was a small, two room cabin located next to the vet's house.  Inside, it was clean and spartan.  Two rooms - one reception/waiting and the other examination/surgery.  He was gentle with the terrified Cookie, answered all my questions, and off I went.  Later that afternoon, the vet tech called (a woman around my age named Sue - what's not to like?) and said that Cookie had come through beautifully and was recovering in front of the wood stove.  When I went to pick him up, I was greeted by the vet's lovely dog and cookie was in his crate very ready to go home.  I took a deep breath and asked for the total.  $197.  This included a full dental cleaning, the extraction of two canines, and his meds.  This was, as you might recall, over $900 less than the estimate I had received from my original vet.  I asked if I needed to bring him back and she said no - not unless there was any problem.  Needless to say, he has all my business.

My head cold is abating.  I took some duct tape and fixed my gate - just before the subzero weather.  I doubled the grain rations, and everyone seems to be perking up.  Bernie is taking her meds gladly in a combination of ground venison and cooked chicken.  My Lymes test came back negative.  I bought a replacement bulb and now can see while I cook.  I will be feeding two less bossy/hungry sheep after Sunday.  I still have my job.

So, this brings me to the question - why can't I trust the Universe?  I would love to be fully, totally trusting as is my friend, Rosie.  She has the bravery to open her arms, mind and heart and put her cares and worries and needs out to the Universe.  I used to scoff at this - that it was somehow a sign of weakness that you wouldn't take full charge of your own problems - stiff upper lip and all that.  But I can see (and envy) a real peacefulness that she has - that I don't.  I'm going to work on it, but, at this age, I make no promises.


  1. Sooooooo glad you found a new / great / won't screw ya vet! And one that sees livestock!!! Sending good kitty vibes to Cookie!

  2. Congratulations on finding the new vet - if that isn't proof the universe is looking out for you, I don't know what is :)

    I do know what you mean about having trouble letting go of the control. I have that problem myself - even when, time after time, things seem to work out one way or another regardless of my own personal angst!

  3. Your new vet sounds WONDERFUL!! Wish we had someone like that around here.
    I'm glad you are feeling better and that the Lyme test was negative.
    I'm with you and Jenyfer, it's hard not to want to be in total control of *everything*!

  4. Hum, I think I might need to pack up the Homestead and bring them up to your vet! Even with fuel I would save money! That is such a reasonable rate the vet gave you. Did you kiss him? Take him cookies? What a great find.

  5. Yeah, my comments echo Jane's! Too bad you're (and he is) across the country from me! But, what *I* want to know is . . . how old is he, and is he single?!! ;) Let the cookies BEGIN!

  6. Obviously Chicken Mama and I are related. My first question was is he single and within 10 years of your age?

    Trusting the Universe . . . such a wonderful thing when it comes to someone like your friend Rosie. Sending out good vibrations and getting them right back and all. But then there are the people who profess the same philosophy, but in reality allow (expect) everyone else to step in and take care of them. Just so you know, I'm striving to be like Rosie!

  7. So glad you found such a great vet. I bet you already trust the universe a little more than you did before.

  8. so glad you found a new vet, put that number on speed dial and delete the old vet's number for sure.

  9. The Universe IS abundant...we had a similar event several years ago...and someone said something and I listened and found a vet about 30 miles away who charges half what all the others charge. He too, is an old farm vet and has a couple of little clinics here and there in the boondocks, that he divides his time between.

    I'm so happy for you, Susan!! I know what a relief it is to find someone you feel you can really trust with your critters...God knows, I have enough of them!!

  10. Carolyn - I was so amazed that the fat boy was back to normal almost as soon as I opened the carrier! Everyone seems a little leery of him because he smells like...THE VET!!!

    Jenyfer - Yes, it's that control gene that I got in spades. Hard to work around it, isn't it?

    Candy - Relief all around. Finding a good vet is almost as good as winning the lottery.

    Jane - Oh, you are too much! Kiss the vet? I couldn't - his vet tech was there and Cookie was watching. You know, dropping off some baked goods isn't such a bad idea - except I no longer indulge in baking! Maybe a dozen eggs....

    Chicken Mama - Boy, you guys have one thing on your minds! I know he has kids, but I don't know if the just "visit" or if they are part of the whole package.

    Mama Pea - You, too??? I guess I'll have to do some investigative work, won't I? You are right about the delineation between the Rosies and the rest. I know too many of the latter, I guess.

  11. Jody - Yes, I believe I do.

    TL - Done and Done!

    Akannie - This vet is a little less of a drive. His main focus is on horses, but he decided to work with small animals, too, thank goodness. I asked him about the rest of my menagerie and, while he admits to limited sheep/llama/goat experience, he offered to help if he could. What more could I ask for?

  12. Where do I begin with the whole 'control' thing? I can't right here. BUT my guy tells me when the directors (with a definite small 'd') at work give me crap, I just have to remember I'm in touch with the biggest Director of them all.

    Great news on the vet front. Does he have friends in the UK? :-)

  13. BW - Hey there! Yes, it is important to remember who rates the capital letters...I think all the truly great UK vets are now famous authors, no? My new vet said that Cookie was a joy to work with. No higher praise than that, although I'm certain C's not a vet fan.

  14. Fantastic news!!! This is going to be a great relationship and now you have someone trusted to call and he has new business, kudos all around! I feel you on that trusting the universe thing, I don't think I'll ever be able to do that, I'm way too type A and glass is half empty LOL!

  15. You and I need to start a gratitude journal, which people assure me results in a brighter world view. I, of course, am skeptical. We really are fristers.

  16. Oo-oo-oo! Is this vet taking any new customers??? Or must you hide him all to yourself??? Cough it up, sister. I want numbers...

    I look upon you as one of the bright spots in my I think the universe has done me pretty good. I like you just the way you are. We can't ALL be Rosie...

  17. Glad you found a reasonable vet. That should be a load off your mind.
    As for trusting the universe... I think there needs to be a balance between trust and taking things into our own hands... of course... I think true balance is a myth. We never get it right- we're just continually falling off one way or another and somehow manage to stay up.

    Best of luck with staying in balance.


  18. OMG! what a great find! Seems to me that most Vets want you to pay for their schooling each and every time you take an animal in to see them! And that most times leaves you only one choice!
    I hate having to have an animal "Put Down" when it could be saved if only it didn't coast so much!

  19. I loved reading this post (and everyone's comments!) A good vet is hard to find. Good for you for trusting your instincts (and the universe) and going with this one. I strive to be more trusting in all areas of my life, but it's really hard for me, too--a life lesson for sure.

  20. So glad you have found a great vet! That's something that makes for a great night's sleep. I just took our "mouser" kitty to the local vet and left $500 leaner. He has a fungal infection on his foot and in his sinuses. Good grief. Really??? Anyway, loved your post. Sending good Karma your way!!