Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pass it forward! Pass it on! Don't Pass it up!!

Kaye over at GigglesandRaspberries is onto something!  Now I've caught it and I hope I can {infect} the rest of you -- figuratively speaking, of course.

As part of the Hand Made Pay It Forward 2012, I hereby pledge to send something hand made (by moi) to the first five people who leave comments.  But wait!  Before you hit that publish button, there's a catch!  YOU first-five-commenters have to pledge to do the same!  It doesn't matter what you make, how complicated, or simple, it is.  And you have to pledge to send them out by the end of 2012.  So, there is no deadline looming over your shoulder, breathing guilt fumes down your collar.  You have the whole year.

And, if you happen to procrastinate until December of 2012 (note to self) it's your own darn fault.  I hope that there are five victims dear readers out there who are game.  You will be subjecting yourself to my creative whims.  Scary thought, no?

Comment if you dare....bwwahahaha.



  1. Ooooh, what am I doing somebody please stop me before I do this what am I getting myself into do I really want to do this yes I do so I'm gonna do it hellllpppp!

    (How can anyone pass up a fun thing like this, I ask ya?!)

  2. Oh crap......I want to, I don't want to, I want to, I don't want to.....
    I WANT TO!!!!

    Just to verify, we have ALL of 2012 to do this right???

    If so, count me in cause it sounds like fun!!!

  3. You're just trying to get me to start blogging again! Maybe tomorrow.

  4. Ooo, this is dangerous ground! Am I really sure I want to do this? But, I've got a year, right???


  5. sounds like someone found a way to put a chain letter into blog land, lol, well maybe someone else will commment right now and I will end up number 6 or 7 ......... can we copy your post on our page?

  6. Mama Pea - I KNEW you wouldn't be able to avoid this post..hehehe

    CR - HA! Gotcha!

    Kay - OMG! I hadn't thought of that. But now you HAVE to post! Brush the cobwebs off and get to it.

    Judy - Yes, that was one of the draws for me. I mean, even I can manage five hand made things in a year!

    TL - No such luck - you are #5! Yes, please feel free to copy the post. It does have a chain-lettery feel about it, doesn't it?

  7. Great idea! I'll have to find someone else's blog to sign up! :)

  8. You all are crazy LOL... of course I say that because it's an "off" day for me, sick kid!

  9. Geez, I guess it's just as well I missed this post because it's not as if I have time to make things and no one ever comments on my blog anyway... (poor pitiful me!) Last time I tried to do a pay it forward with Mama Pea, no one would play with me!

  10. susan,
    I'm number 9, But I went over to Mama Pea's place and got HOOKED! So It's still you fault! But I forgive you! It sounds like fun! I made the Challenge first thing this morning. Wonder who I will catch (he said with an evil laugh!).