Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter Pleasures

Oh, how I have missed reading!  The kind where you can nestle in your chair with a good reading light, a nice hot cup of tea within reach.  No dogs or cats barfing.  Just the quiet tick-tock of the clock.  Of course, this peace lasts in my house for about a nanosecond.  The Boyz come flying through the air, Cookie wants to sit on my lap (all 20 pounds of him), Scrappy is making snorting noises as the Boyz come too close to his beloved toys/chewies/whatever.  Then Bernie can't take the chaos and needs to squeeze in next to me on the couch, with her poky hard head.  But, amidst all this kerfuffle, I am reading a wonderful book.  If you can savor a book, I'm savoring this one.  I am stirring my oatmeal at the kitchen stove, savoring this book.  I am sitting at the dining room table, savoring this book.  I am reading it in bed.  I will be sad when I've finished it.  But I will read it again.  Now that I've led you along the primrose path, I bet you would like to know when I'm going to get around to telling you what book I'm reading!  The Education of Little Tree, by Forrest Carter.  I don't know that you could call it a children's book (there are a few references to um, the word (in its biblical form) that means what men and women do when there's no love involved...), but it is a book so full of love, wisdom and humor that it SHOULD be a children's book.  Just be prepared to explain (or not) 'the word'.  Although there has been a lot of controversy about the book's author, I prefer to accept it as it appears to me: a charming and compelling work of fiction that takes me into the hills and hollows, and into the hearts of people who I wish had been my grandparents.

Next on the stack is Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.  That will be followed by something from my all-time favorite author, Chaz Dickens (when you're as familiar with him as am I, you can call him Chaz.)  I've also got some interesting teas lined up to go with my reading (thanks to Carolyn Renee!), and a myriad of UFOs staring - if I may say so - rather impertinently at me.  So, I am ready for whatever the winter throws at me.  Mostly.  I hope.

Since I mentioned him again, here's Cookie.  He's a large and handsome boy with two less teeth, which has not marred his lovely, symmetrical face:

Resource:  There are probably Barnes and Noble coupons available for your winter reading enjoyment and savings.


  1. Cookie certainly has some beautiful eyes! What a fine reading companion.

    I'll be adding that book to my reading list-I'm always on the hunt for an absorbing book.

  2. Ooo, I love Chaz too! Though I'm down to less intensive reading these days. :)

    Cookie looks absolutely beautiful. :)

  3. What a gorgeous cat - looks good enough to eat! (Get it - his name is Cookie??)

  4. Sure looks as if Cookie has come through his recent ordeal with flying colors. He is a beauty!

    Years ago, we were corresponding with Helen and Scott Nearing (well, Helen and I did all the snail mail corresponding) and we were discussing current books on our respective reading stacks. She recommended "The Education of Little Tree," I got it, read it and have been recommending it (ad nauseam) to people ever since. Wonderful book.

    Um, are you intimating we're still really going to get a winter this year??

  5. Ah, reading. I have a stack I am working on as well. Isn't it wonderful to snuggle up with a good book? I am working on two right now. My mother says I have ADD when I read. It's not that, its just...oh...wait...what was I saying? ;)

  6. Susan--your cat is the spitting image of my beloved cat Puddy, that I got in high school.

    He was my buddy for 17 years! In fact, he was my only pet for many of those years--hard to believe now with this bustling barnyard. I cannot get over the similarity in the two cats! :o)

    Thanks so much for posting the picture of Cookie, and for the lovely blog post as well.

  7. Ok, now I'm going to have to go to paperbackswap and get that book! I just finished "The Heart of the Sea", a book about the sinking of the Whaleship Essex (think "Moby Dick"). This is the first book I've sat down with in like almost a year I think. Working through "Pioneer Women" now. I missed real books!

    And thanks for the picture of Cookie....I also had a cat that looked just like him! Give him a scratch for me. Black Susan is oogling the screen BTW.

  8. What a beautiful boy your Cookie is! I dang near spit my coffee on the screen when I read the part about "No dogs or cats barfing." ROTFL!!

  9. Ah, winter is the perfect time to snuggle in with a good book. I still have children to read with, so on our list right now are Farmer Boy, and The Lumber Camp Library. I just finished Stitch of Courage by Linda K. Hubalek. It's about Kansas pioneer women during the Civil War.

  10. Sue - He IS a good reading companion. All I need to do is heft his large self over my left shoulder (preferred position - his) and commence reading. He will stay there for an hour.

    Leigh - That's the problem with Chaz! You can't just read a few pages and put it down.

    Jenyfer - He is quite munchable! Like a large, warm pfefferneuse.

  11. Mama Pea - If I wasn't trying to stuff a pill down his gullet twice a day, I'd forget he went through it. You were pen pals with HELEN NEARING??? Oh. My. Yes - we will be having winter late this year - in April.

    Mama Tea - I usually have the same problem until I find something that really catches me.

    MF - Puddy! I love that name. My buddy was Tippet, who I lost last year. It is hard to remember times without herds, isn't it?

  12. Reading? I have to choose between that, knitting, and spinning - and the latter two almost always win out. Gotta use that stash!

    Nice to "meet" the infamous Cookie. I need a photo directory of your animals, especially the inside ones, as I can never remember who is which species....

  13. CR - Think "Moby Dick"? Ack! I never could quite get through that tome. Tell Black Susan not to get any ideas - he's a shy guy.

    Candy - Isn't he though? I hope I'm not the only one around here with a barf brigade. Cookie 'pretends' to barf to get my attention. It usually means he's hungry and snap to it with the food!

    Patty - Hey, girl! You won a book! Check out the "Results are in" and email your mailing address!

    It's so much fun reading books to kids, isn't it? My youngest sister used to put so much drama in it that the kids would sit with their eyes and mouths wide open!

  14. Michelle - So many wonderful things to do and learn and so little time, no? If I could spin like you, I'd be tempted to put my books down.

  15. Oh Cookie is adorable. :-)

    Now, talking Chaz as you were....I have never read him. I've had the odd one or two in my collection over the years but they always gather dust and end up being sent to the charity shop/book sales etc.

    Right now, Bleak House is staring back at me from the top shelf in the bedroom. Should I dive in? How much 'quiet' time will it need? Is it a slooooow book or a knicker gripper? I am intimidated.

    I'm currently on the second Imogen Robertson, 'Anatomy of Murder' a great murder mystery by a new writer, set in the 18th century. Very pacey and easy to dip in and out of.

    Ah the luxury of time to read; I totally hear you. Especially the bit about cats trying to sit exactly where you are.

  16. BW - I think Bleak House rates a LOT of quiet time. A great read, but no knicker gripper. I am going to have to look into Imogen Robertson (Imogen being my all time favorite name and would be my pseudo if I had one). I love a good murder mystery! Yes, the favorite cat chair is my reading rocker. I don't dare stand up. BTW, sorry to hear about your Basil - here danger is more of the fanged, furred, four-legged variety.

  17. I do not get to read as much as I would like. Beside's reading as much as I can on the internet about Homestaeding, I read a lot of Fiction too! There are two "Men's adventure series that I read and re-read all the time!
    "the Ashes Series" by William W. Johnstone and I just got # 4 in the "Starfist" series by David Sherman and Dan Cragg. Yep! Shoot-em up, Bang-Bang stuff!
    When taxes get back, next book purchase, Aniamal, Vegatble, Mircle!

  18. I am envious of your reading! I have a stack of books I am hoping to dive into SOON! I actually checked off all my "stuff" on my list today and I'm hoping for the kids to have an early bedtime so I can start!

  19. Erin - No matter how hard I try NOT to feel guilty sitting and reading, it's not working. Plus, there's that darn knitting...