Friday, January 6, 2012

Out and about on the LLF.

Things are pretty well wrapped up for winter on the Little Lucky.  The run-in is rough but pretty wind-water-tight.  Hoosier thinks it's the bees' knees.  I have only to install the cross-braces perpendicular to the rafters (doesn't that sound builder-ish?  I owe it all to my Makita), and install the outside hay racks and inside corner hay rack.  Since the sheep go into a solid mob around the erstwhile feeder, I want to make sure that Hoosier gets his fair share of hay.  And I also want to keep him from spritzing the sheep with stinky spit.

Snug enough for winter

Cattle panel gate ready to install

The goaties have a light on a timer, a heated water bucket and a nice, thick layer of straw in their Igloo.  Sage has managed to poise herself daintily on all fours at the top of the dome of the Igloo.  I thought this was just soooo cute, until she started launching off the top and going over my pallet fence into the hay area.  Stinker.  I'll have to come up with a more permanent solution - such as another pallet atop the first - but for now I've Jerry-rigged a series of barriers that have flummoxed her so far.

The Goat Igloo

Chickie availing himself of the hay bar.
You should give me those treats because I'm adorable!
My poultry water heater seems to have bit the dust, just in time for single digit temps!  It's given me a good 5 years, so I can't complain.  I put a light in the coop that I now leave on when the night temperatures dip too low.  Two of the walls are insulated, and one is buffered by the shed.  that just leaves the front, which is fairly tight.  As those with chickens know, you don't want to cut off ALL the ventilation.  It can be worse than the cold.

Speaking of chickens, led by Freddy the Bearded Lady, they are slowly starting to lay again.  And what an array!


  1. Oh, I just love to see pictures of the animals all buttoned-up, cozy, warm and secure for the winter! Your outside critters are so blessed to live on Little Lucky Farm with you. Looks to me like they will stay comfy not matter what the winter brings. It's easy to see the time and effort you've put into making it so for them.

  2. Oh, what beautiful eggs! Yesterday I found a blue egg again, which means one of the Auracanas are back at it! Woohoo!

  3. Mama Pea - So do I! It means I can sleep at night, LOL. Having that run-in shed finished to the point it is, really has given me peace of mind. Of course, if my chickens knew what you and Papa Pea did for yours, they'd pack their bags and head north!

    Jaime - I have yet to find out who is laying that mahogany coloured egg! Freddy lays the small khaki coloured one. I love the different hues.

  4. I have an igloo for my goats too, they love it. I love seeing them peeking out of it at me, they are so mischievous.

    I like your little hay racks, I ordered some just like them - back order.

    Such a wonderful array of egg colors, I assume it lets you know who is working.

  5. Chai Chai - Thanks so much for commenting. I ordered the racks from Farm Boy - they were not expensive, relatively speaking. My two goats curl into a ball and it is so cute seeing them peering out at me. I love my Nigerians! I visited your blog and we seem to have a lot in common (animal-wise). Your breed of sheep looks very similar to my Icelandics.

  6. Nice eggs! Maybe the weird weather was all so you had time to get everything all snug for them LOL!

  7. Your run-in shed turned out great!! That is one adorable little goatie, maybe she does need extra treats! :)
    Gosh, the variety in your eggs is amazing! Such fun! Stay warm!

  8. The first thing I thought of when I saw the igloo for the goats was "they're going to catapult off that" LOL, silly goats. Beautiful egg colors. My chickens just now decided to molt!!! Has to be the warm weather getting them mixed up.

  9. Have you ever read the children's books "Giggle Giggle Quack" and "Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type"? They spring to mind when you speak of mischievous goats! LOL

  10. Thanks for the tour. Your little goat looks so innocent. Surely they couldn't possibly be anything other than angelic, could they? Great looking eggs. Love the different hues. Glad your critters are snug and tight, ready for the winter weather. My chickens are in a move-able enclosure for this winter. Hopefully this will keep their feet dry and warmer than in previous winters. Assuming, of course, we get some rain sometime!

  11. Susan,
    I keep asking Leigh over at "5 acres and a Dream" to send me her Husband for a few days (Weeks?) to help build a chicken coop. Maybe I should get you to come down instead! Today's high was 69! So at least you would be warm working outside! And I'm a good cook!

  12. Looks like you are doing a great job making sure they are all snug for the cold temps:) Great looking eggs there!!

  13. Erin - That could very well be! Nothing like a couple days of single digits to get one in motion.

    Candy - Yes, I am trying to woo that adorable goatie so that when it comes to milking time it's not like a miniature rodeo!

    dr momi - I went through the moulting too - and had zero eggs for the first time ever! I think they were testing me - and now they know that Freezer Camp was an empty threat.

    Jenyfer - There you are! No, not having children has limited my literary experience. But they SOUND like goatie books.

    Lori - Boy, would I love to have sent you some of the inches of rain we got last year. I like the idea of the moveable enclosure - it sure makes clean-up a snap.

    Tom - A few more of these sub zero days and I might consider it - although I'd have to work constantly in order to work off the weight gained by your excellent cooking!

    Stephanie - It's been a slow-but-steady process, that's for sure. Every year I've added some anti-winter measure. I hope I'm finished with it while I'm still able to function.

  14. Wish I was as motivated as you. I still have a list of things to get done. Your goats look adorable. We are thinking about getting one. Have to do a little researcher first.

  15. You know, I don't think the author of those books has included goats - sounds like they are missing a golden opportunity!