Thursday, January 5, 2012

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

It is officially winter, here on the Little Lucky Farm.  (What do you think?  I have decided to name this chaos that consumes most of my waking hours.)  How do I know?  Is it the scrim of snow covering my frozen raised beds?  The battle of the species played out at my bird feeders?  The tentacles of extension cords extended from either end of the house?

No - it's because THE JACKET has emerged from it's summer storage.  I have had this jacket/parka for years.  Can you tell???  I bought it at a deep discount from Lands End because no one, apparently, cared for a reversible bright orange down parka.  Oh, silly them!  I figured that, should I keel over in the deep snow, there was more than a 50/50 chance that someone would spot me before spring.  Plus, it has four pockets, zips from chin to knee, has a hood that Velcros across your chin, and seems to be (please God) impervious to abuse.  I l.o.v.e. TJ and all it's tears, stains, pulls, and tatters.

Why, it's like a work of art:

Fine art.

Real art.


  1. LOL! Loved this post.
    Well-loved, well-worn items of clothing that are practical is the only way to go in the country.
    Laughed so hard about the part about being spotted in the snow. An orange parka is about as close to waving a red flag as you can get.
    May you have many more years of use!
    Three cheers for GOOD clothes!!!

  2. Whew! For a second I thought that first picture was your jacket and I immediately decided to start a collection on my blog to get you a suitable winter covering! :)
    Glad you have a REAL jacket for this cold weather. Keep toasty!

  3. And I thought the sun was out earlier than predicted. It was just my neighbor stepping out in her neon orange glory. Ta-daa!

  4. Ha, I thought the same thing as CR! Well, you cant commit any covert operations in that sucker. But if it's warm, that is all that counts.

  5. ANNND . . . you are very safe in hunting season! (Except, of course, those "hunters" who will shoot at a two-legged creature carrying a bucket of water in each hand while wearing a bright orange down-filled jacket. Ahem.)

    I like the new name of your farm/homestead, Little Lucky Lady Farmer!

  6. Greetings from Southern California

    I am Your Newest Follower

    Have a Nice Day :-)

  7. Ha! Great post. Love your name, also. Not just the farm, but TJ, too. Glad to hear you will be warm and visible in snowdrifts.

  8. Sue - I have a frightening amount of "well-worn" clothes that I am loathe to part with. I mean, it takes so long to get them just right!

    CR - LOL!!! I would actually love an outfit like that first one. But I doubt they make garments now the way they did back then.

    Melanie - Should have warned you to put on those shades!

    Jane - The sheep can see me coming for a mile! I have to sneak out the front door to avoid the sheep alarm.

    Mama Pea - Yes, sometimes I wonder if I'm actually setting myself up as a target... Hey! Can I steal that?

    Ron - Greetings back! Bet you have little use for a nice orange down jacket in your sunny part of the world.

    Lori - Thanks! I am imagining myself as a very heroic winter figure - flame orange parka and Snow Wolf = unbeatable!

  9. my thoughts were same as CR with first picture, but put together those 2 items should keep you warm and easy to spot in a snow drift. Keep warm.

  10. I wonder what you'd look like wearing that orange parka from a satellite. It does look very warm.

  11. TL - Warm is the operative word here. I just ripped two places on the right sleeve today. Scar wars!

    Nancy - OMG - now I will be looking up as well as out!

  12. I like the part about being seen in the snow too and "Scar Wars"! LOL!!

  13. I love your coat, Susan. Orange is my favorite color. :)

  14. I have a huge suede barn jacket lined with wool that I got at a thrift shop too, it's got oil stains on it and looks atrocious but it's AWESOME LOL!