Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Well, I'll be!

Ghosts of Grannies Past....

Raffle prize.
The passion for aprons lives on!  After all the hoo-ha about the apron giveaway, my apron collection, and the infamous Duct Tape Apron (a 'heads up' for those of you contemplating such a project -- no??? -- air temperature affects the elasticity of electrical tape trim.  It shrinks up something fierce when it's cold!), Sylvie decided it would be a perfect winter event at our little local library.  So we spent a couple of hours stringing clothes line in our pretty library and pinning up the aprons.  Sylvie had the brainstorm to pick up a dressmaker's model (as a decorating piece), on which we tied an apron to be raffled off (model and all) as part of the exhibit.  A separate line is available for people to bring and show off their own aprons.  There is also a journal for apron memories, the Home Economics (I'm sure it's a different title now - Life Sciences?) teacher from the local high school will be giving an apron-making class, and the event will end with a taste-off of favorite desserts.  Anyone can come, taste and vote for their favorite.  That should perk up February!

In a small community with limited resources, the library serves as so much more than a lender of books.  Along with the local post office, it should be a place where the community gathers.  We all know how important it is to find out the REAL story behind the story. Our library is a lovely building and has a lot of untapped potential.  Hopefully, this event will be the beginning of many more like it.


  1. We saw the event announcement in the Eastwick Press and were so psyched! You go, girl!

  2. That's very nice. Love the display.

  3. What a great idea! Maybe provide a list of recommended books to read along with it?

  4. What a gorgeous library you have! Looks like someone's home. A couple years ago our historical society had a display of aprons from years past and they were absolutely lovely. Even the ones that you could tell had been worn a lot seemed to be made with pride and the most cheerful fabrics. If aprons could talk . . .

  5. Well it is a good thing it is not Thursday or I would tell you this is not an act of kindness. It is not nice to show all those wonderful aprons hanging there like fruit from a tree waiting to be picked. Ok, Ok, it is very nice to be having the raffle, but the aprons are making me drool.

    Even my word verification is = preti!

  6. Beautiful library and what a fun event you guys have planned! Wish I lived closer!

  7. What a wonderful idea you guys had! And to think, all of those memories that are held in those simple domestic articles of clothing just used so we don't slop spaghetti sauce on our shirts!

  8. These aprons are much more artful than mine, mine which resemble what Jackson Pollack would do with a plate of spaghetti. Here's to one of the best ideas ever, the library. We love ours here on the island,and are excited to say, a new one is in the works.

  9. Melanie - We are hoping it is well-attended so it will perpetuate itself.

    Kristina - It does look pretty, doesn't it? The trick was to hang them high enough that they didn't whack people in the head.

    Jenyfer - This was Sylvia's brainchild - I just furnished aprons and muscle.

    Kaye - We found two apron books and have them displayed at the library. Great books!

    Mama Pea - It was a private home that was left to the library. There was a bequest left to enlarge it and we are lucky to have very talented carpenters in our town.

  10. Jane - What a great description! Shall I put you down for a few raffle tickets????

    Candy - Wouldn't that be fun?

    CR - Yeah, I wouldn't dare display the aprons I actually wear...

    Tom - Small communities NEED good libraries. Actually, any community needs a good library. Your apron sounds intriguing - feel free to send it for our display. It will add a certain panache...

  11. What a charming library and beautiful display! I hope you have lots of visitors at the event :)

  12. Love your display! Good luck!! :)

  13. What a great idea! Sounds like it has the potential to be made into a little book. :)

  14. What a pretty display and a gorgeous room! I would love to just "be" in there.... :)