Friday, April 26, 2013

It's not as though I'm naming a bridge...

I have been studiously avoiding naming the doelings.  Every time I started to think about names, some part of my brain (the loud part) rolled in - " LALALALALALA".  Honestly?  I HATE having to name things.  I am of the mind that the perfect name will appear to me in the middle of the night: the room will get cold, I will be surrounded by a light green mist with spooky, but benevolent, music in the background, a deep, booming voice will say, "Go ye and name yer doelings...".  It hasn't happened yet, and I'm feeling the pressure.

Do I name them both in the "A" group, defining their arrival as 'firsts'?
Do I name them after herbs?  (Been there; done that - Sage/Chicory)
Do I name them after trees? (See above - Linden/Hickory/Banyan)
Do I name them after deities? (Ditto - Juno/Freyda)
Do I name them after deli sides (Pickles - hehehe, Carolyn)
Do I go into seclusion for three days and come up with:  Daisy Matilda Freeborn Shepherd?
Do I scar them for life and name them: Piznut and Crumbsnatcher?

I decided to go all, "I am the breeder of goats, sit up and notice my farm-iness".

Runners up:

LLF's Beatrix Queen of Holland
LLF's Kumquat Kuteness to the Light


LLF's Apple of my Eye (Apple) - dark ears


LLF's Will 'o the Wisp (Willo) - white ears

Of course, my balloon was quickly popped when a friend pointed out that Gweneth Paltrow and Will Smith beat me to the punch.  See what happens when you don't watch the Toobe?  Well, all I can say, G and W, is that your versions will have to stumble through life knowing they will never be as cute as mine!

Isn't it a relief that I never had to name actual children?

(and where are all these highly annoying links coming from?  Blogger?)


  1. Great names. Back in the day when I kept animals, I always waited until their personalities make it obvious. It might take might only be a day or two. And sometimes, the names were NOT what you would call them if DECENT folks were around......
    On that note, my ex's dog, whom we frequently babysat, earned the moniker "Sh%$head"--which drove his new wife insane. She had some "cutesy" name for the dog---which definitely did NOT fit. Ah well-just part of the fun of being the Ex-wife--LOL!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. I LOVE naming things, and think you did just fine!

  3. Love the names & they are just too stinkin cute!

  4. Awwww, those are great names for those sweet little girls! Ya' did good!! :)

  5. I can NEVER come up with good names! You're kids are going to have a complex with such high-fa'lutn names like that! Although I DO love Will 'o The Wisp!
    I've ALWAYS wanted a dog named Snickers and a cat named Pyewacket....but neither have come into my life yet.

    BTW, being named after a very non-assuming deli side, you would think that Pickles would be the same. How wrong I was. I absolutely HATE pickles now. Not the dill pickles, but Pickles the goat. She is SOOOOOO stinking loud and annoying! I'm going to have to try to get a video up on my blog one day to show you all. Probably even MORE annoying that your previous loud-mouthed chicken-harassing poultry.

  6. Good job, nice names! One you can eat and one can make a headache medicine with...

  7. Gweneth Paltrow and Will Smith named their kids Apple and Willow? Do they visit often, where it can become a confusing issue? Are they married to each other? Gosh, I can see I have missed all that by not watching Tv or movies. Names are not my strong point, after all I have an EmmaLouMoo, Sushi and a for those we eat....I have Thing1 and Thing 2...