Thursday, April 11, 2013

(Three days after) Monday Musings.

I believe the Universe is testing me.  I wonder if I will pass before I pass out.  Since this week was clear at work, I took it off as a vacation week.  So far?  I lost one Guinea for sure, and possibly another - we'll see what this morning brings.  My wallet was stolen on Saturday.  We've had rain and gale force winds.  I must take vacation more often.

Besides being a real pain in the backside, having your wallet stolen is both a test of your memory (what DID I have in it?) and a lesson in scaling back.  I was rather fond of that wallet and I have had it for quite a while.  The thought of actually having to go out and buy another fills me with dread.  Even more so than replacing my drivers license, debit card, credit card, and Starbucks card.  Whoever felt that they needed what was in my wallet more than I did, was welcome to the $22 in it - but I would have appreciated getting the wallet back.

I have gotten a lot done, although not nearly enough, thanks to the weather and having to spend house on the phone, cancelling cards and alerting various people and agencies.  I managed to drag my feet until I was only left with enough time to clean out half the chicken coop.  On the first two days of the week, the weather was perfect.  Unfortunately, the gravel pit next door felt the same way and it was pretty much unbearable to be outside - between the noise and the unending truck traffic in front of the house that sent tsunamis of dust up the yard.  Honestly?  If I had wanted to wear a dust mask and protective goggles around the house, I would have moved to Beijing.

I also got a start on redoing the goat fence (they're doing fine, thanks for kids yet), planted onions (glass half full), and yesterday I spent a totally blissful day with Marianne - she had errands to run, I had to get my shingles vaccination, and then we went to a Barnes and Noble (HEAVEN), had lunch in a RESTAURANT, and hit the new Trader Joe's and the Asian supermarket.  I was a puddle of happiness by the time I got home.  It also was comical (to Marianne), that I was so amazed at the mall, at the restaurant, at the number of people around.  Obviously, I don't get out much.

Now I'm gearing up for visitors this weekend!  I will be posting more pics, once I can get this computer to run longer than 15 minutes between freeze-ups.  I'm going to take advantage of the fact that I can get on the Internet to read up on what y'all have been doing!

(From the racket in the front yard as I type, I am only down one Guinea....damn.)


  1. Sorry about the wallet. I had to go through that once and it was pure hell trying to think of what needed cancelling, etc. Worst part is it was my own stupidity left it on top of the car while I loaded in the baby and promptly forgot and drove away. At least I remembered the baby! Ha! (you smiled, didn't you?)
    Anywho, hope this week brings a better set of fortunes for you

  2. Up and down, the good with the bad. Welcome to Spring! Is that what the guinea's are screaming?

  3. Wow Susan sounds like you could use a vacation from you vacation, wonder if person that took your wallet cares about the inconvience they caused you. If they just needed the cash at least they could mail the walllet back to you. Take care, stay safe.

  4. Ugh. You're the second blogger I've read who has had their purse/wallet stolen this week. It's a good wake-up call for all of us, I guess.

    So what happened to the one guinea? Did you tell it to go play out in the road . . . and the gravel truck did the rest?

    At least you're getting rain and not snow. We have more (can you believe it?) predicted for today.

    Hang in there, Chum. Your vacation will be over soon and you can go back to work. Hugs.

  5. Susan,

    I'm sorry to hear someone took off with your wallet.
    I'm also sorry to hear about your Guinea's.

    Thing will get better!

  6. Wow sounds like you had quite a week. I love it when I can get together with friends, they just seems to brighten your week.

  7. Sorry about the theft, that stinks. We're getting our 1st Trader Joe soon! I love the old stores that were originally in Portland, Oregon.

  8. Double bad!! So sorry to hear of this sucky news. Hope things turn around SOON!!

  9. I guess this has been a tough week all across the country. It's been rough on this side too. Hope next week looks better for you!

  10. What a week! I haven't had my wallet stolen but I have had my credit/debit card number lifted twice in the past year off the gas pump skimmers so I sympathize with the pain in the butt it all is! We know is was a skimming device on the gas pumps at the Navy Exhchange on base since 12 hours after me getting gas there someone was filling up fuel at an Air Force base in South Carolina and then a Navy Base in Florida... no coincidence there LOL. I think I'm going to try and stop carrying and using cards at all this year and try the cash system - of course now where will I put it so it doesn't get stolen too? Let me know when you figure it out! Hope the remainder of your week goes smoothly!

  11. What a pain having your wallet stolen! At least you got to spend some time in the city at a BOOK STORE and a real RESTAURANT! I'm so jealous.
    It does sound like you need a vacation from your vacation. Hope the weekend goes well for you!