Monday, April 29, 2013

Life of Poo.

Sorry.  Couldn't help myself.  A more apt title would have been, "My Life of Poo".  Yes, this past weekend was all about poo - septic system, manure spraying, barn cleaning, hoop-house digging.  And let's not forget paper-changing.

Friday they came to check out my septic system - there had been 'whiffs' of a problem.  I am so glad I called the local, family-owned service, as they are just great.  One of the sons came out and, after much poking around, discovered that the septic tank is not square with the house, and that the hatch is a mere three feet from the steps to my deck!  I am also lucky that there was NOT a problem and all I had to do was get it pumped out.  Hallelujah!

While that was going on, the farmer who leases the field next to me started sending a steady stream of manure sprayer trucks to cover the cornfield.  Hey - why not?  While there's no denying that it's manure, it isn't that bad (IMHO) and fades away after a few days.  Last year, however, it seemed that they sprayed the bottom of the tank on that field and it was STRONG!  Like eye-watering, nose-running strong.  This time is wasn't as bad.

I managed to get the barn cleaned out, the rest of the fencing done, and had my little patient outside for a while.  This is the white Jersey Giant chick that suffered some sort of neck trauma (we think) - possibly was at the bottom of a chick pile.  While she has made some progress, I'm not sure she will be able to thrive.  She did seem to like being outside, although she peeps like mad as soon as I'm out of sight.

Did you know that Sunday was National Llama Bean Day?  No?  Where have you been?!?!?  Melanie and Marianne knew about it  -- and brought lunch!  We started digging out the old hoop house bed and, one large tub, two feed bags, and over a dozen 5 gallon pails later, we had hardly made a dent.  I am going to try to see if my farmer neighbor and a few strapping young fellows would be able to lift it and move it, so that digging would be less uncomfortable.  It is brown gold, I tell you.  And we didn't even tap the fresh supply of llama beans that Apria so thoughtfully leaves me on a daily basis.  I really enjoy working with the Ms - there is such a wealth of good, creative thinking there.  I toss up all my dilemmas and they find solutions.  Perfecto!

The Little Lucky Farm goat family is due back this weekend.  Just in time for their herdswoman who is missing them something fierce.  I had stopped up this morning on my way to work (prepared, this time, by bringing my work clothes separately...) and did a little kid snoogling.  There is lamb snorgling and kid snoogling, in case you didn't know.  I sat in the hay and Willo trotted over, climbed in my lap and went to sleep.  Apple tried climbing me and squeezing onto my lap, too.  Chickie just got jealous.  Sage let me scratch her back without bolting for the door - progress!  Trouble is, I didn't want to leave.  Will I be able to tear myself away when I have 24/7 access?  Give me strength....


  1. Glad you got to do some kid snuggling. And that you remembered to bring your "city" clothes with you in a separate bag :)

    We've got a heck of a job with the mule/mini horse manure. Have been ignoring it by just piling it in a corner of the field. And need to shovel it into the truck & bring it down to the house. A farmer's life is definitely the "Life of Poo".

    1. Carolyn - Yes, the last time I was covered in muddy hoof prints. My city-colleagues don't relate. All that manure is so great for the garden - too bad we can't train them all to just relieve themselves in the garden beds!

  2. Ohhhhhhh the kids are so cute!! Naming something weather it's a kiddo or an animal is not always easy. Some times a name pops out at you and other times not so much!

    Glad you didn't have a huge problem with the septic tank. That is always a drag. We've had our pumped before, and the guy who does it is a local guy too! Very nice.
    I hate that eye watering, burning nose and gag reflex poo spreading. Living in the country we get that smell. I'm always thankful when it goes away and can hang laundry back outside!

    1. SLF - Honestly? They are the cutest things EVER! Yes, the timing of the spraying sure doesn't help with my weekend washing chores. Luckily, the wind was blowing towards the field!

  3. Pretty sure they used to fertilize all the grass and flower beds with manure when we lived in the United Arab Emirates (I say "pretty sure" because I didn't know the proper Arabic or Urdu vocabulary to confirm!) and it wasn't the smell that bothered me but the fact that a million little flies would hatch out of it a day or so after they spread it. ugh!

  4. A farmer's life is definitely a life of poo. ;) We keep saying we need to get our septic looked at to see if it needs pumped since we've been here 8 years now!
    Glad you got to spend a little time with the kids and got some quality snoogling in!

  5. Happy, happy Little Lucky Farm! How wonderful you have good friends to help you with a not-so-much-fun job. And glad the septic situation turned out A-OK. When you have your own well and septic, it's a great feeling of independence, but also something else to have "on your list" regularly to keep on top of. Can't wait for the little goaties (and big goaties) to come home so we can see lots and lots of pictures. Also good to see pictures of all the livestock, including the house-occupying ones. (Hint, hint.)