Wednesday, May 1, 2013

We are so exhausted!

And other news from the four-footed and feathered denizens of the Little Lucky Farm.

I have no idea what goes on while I'm away at work, but it must be exhausting!  Scrappy and OnceSlim hit the sofa and didn't move for hours.  After dinner, of course.  (Scrappy did move, the bugger, just when I shot this - ergo, the weird eyes.)

Second lovely morning in a row - which means the deck door opens and the cat-proof (supposedly) screen door is in place.  Just the perfect spot for Cat TV.


What?  Is there food?  Are you going to get food?
Dizzy Gillespie - my 'patient' - was so lonely in the infirmary (aka, the laundry room), that I took pity on her and set up a safe zone so that she could be outside, not get too much sun, be safe from bad chicken behaviour, still see her 'peeps', try roosting, eat some bugs, have water and food - only took me an hour.

The little white blob is Dizzy.

Kees is checking out the new babe.
 And finally, I wanted to add a special tribute to my favorite cat of all time - the most wonderful cat in the world - who left us yesterday after 17 happy years with his person, Sylvie.  Fellini was not only incredibly handsome, he was poised, serene, very comfortable in his lovely skin.  He had a very good life and was much loved and admired.  And now will be so greatly missed.

(Picture taken by Sylvie.  He preferred the dog's bed.)


  1. Sometimes I think the animals are never quite at ease or comfortable when we're gone. I mean they have to be in charge and aware of all important things happening, right? So when we finally get home, they truly are exhausted but can then relax knowing all is well with their world and you are there to be the big person in charge.

    I'm sure your little sickie chickie is much happier in the new outdoor infirmary. You're such a good mama.

    LOVE the blue upholstery fabric of your couch! (Or is it the animal's couch? Hee-hee.)

    Aw, darn. Sorry to hear Sylvie lost Fellini. :o(

    1. Mama Pea - I do expect that you're right. Scrappy is a pacer and both dogs are fiercely protective of their home. Just ask the UPS or Fedex guys! And, yes, it is THEIR couch. Sometimes I am allowed to squeeze next to them, but mostly there is no room. That is a slipcover that was made by my neighbor (I inherited their couch). It is a work of art! I do hope that Dizzy makes out okay. She still has a ways to go, if she gets "there" at all.

      Yes, it definitely was his time to go, but geezloueeze, was he a special cat.

  2. Such a happy cat, 17 years leaves lots of memories.

    1. TL - Yes, he had a great life with Sylvie. He was the most serene, confident cat I have ever known. I think he knew very well how attractive he was. Everyone who met him, loved him.

  3. Love your menagerie. Sorry to hear about Fellini.

    1. DFW - Thanks. They are all quite entertaining - I was sure I had six cats this morning - three on the floor and three flying through the air.

  4. Great shots, and sorry for your loss. My favorite hen is on her way out I think. She's such a sweet bird, but I'm at a loss....

  5. Sorry about Sylvie's kitty but it sounds like he had a good life and was very much loved.
    Your cats look to be enjoying their cat TV very much! I hope your chicken patient can join her peeps soon!