Friday, May 17, 2013

The Ppower of the Bbean!

I am sure I have gone on ad nauseum about the power of the llama bean.  If I haven't, then I have been remiss.  Thanks to an endless supply of llama beans, my garlic is gigantic.  And then, there is the rhubarb.  I wish I had a "Before" picture - but let's do this:

Close your eyes.  Now bring up a vision (black/white or technicolor - your choice) of a nondescript pale green sided house.  It's the short side - the one that only gets sun when it rises (apparently, east-facing) and then spends the rest of the day in shadow.  There is an overhang that blocks some of the rain.  Let's look at the ground.  We'll not call it dirt, because it ain't.  It's sand.  It's gritty.  Now let's envision my three puny rhubarb plants.  BLB (before llama beans).  They are flabby, pale, listless.  It was not, really, a smart place to plant anything.

Enter two years of llama bean application:

Biggify for full effect.
This year I also added spoiled hay as mulch.  This is some serious rhubarb!  Behold the Power of the Bean!  And feel free - if you're in the neighborhood - to shovel up a bucket or five.  There's no end to them.

Gratuitous Ellie Picture:



  1. How do you apply the beans ? As a plant or cooked beans in the soil? I so want to try this . My Rhubarb needs help.

    1. Michelle - First you have to get a llama...then the rest is easy. Llama beans (our name for llama manure - since they look like large jelly beans :)) are great fertilizer - they can be dug in around the roots of the plant straight out of the llama. Another similar good fertilizer, and maybe easier to find, are rabbit droppings. If you know anyone who raises rabbits, see if you can get a bucket full. Your rhubarb will love it!

  2. Whoa! Those are some healthy, big rhubarb plants! My puny little leaves just emerging would be put to shame if they could see your plants.

    Caption for the picture of Ellie: She looks like she's saying, "Mama?" (Sorry, that was mean. I know you really, really can't keep her. I'm still saying a little prayer that a wonderful family comes along for her. Pleasepleaseplease!)

  3. WOW!! I'm impressed!
    I'm really hoping for some rhubarb this year. Still a bit early 'round here for much of anything.
    And the kids are so cute. They look all fat, fuzzy and soft!

  4. hahaha, I love it! "llama beans"...Randyman would probably sooner eat those than Lima's, which I actually like. I love having all the great organic gifts the critters give me for my garden. I was just yesterday raking up old hay stems and sheep pellets to mulch with. Our soil here is rocky/sandy/fine dusty too, and very alkaline..(think hot springs, dry lake bed..etc.) The different animal donations have made it awesome! Enjoy the rhubarb. I pulled mine because the goats kept getting in and I was afraid the leaves would poison them. I'm gonna replace up close to the house next spring instead. :)

  5. Llama beans, ha! Kind of like chicken marbles :)

  6. Love the picture of Ellie! My, what GREAT.BIG.RHUBARB. you have my dear! :)

  7. Thank you for the nice comment on my Memorial Day post. Have you ever tried to steam juice your Rhubarb Stems? My wife picked hers yesterday and with her steam juicer and a little sugar, obtained 2.5 gallons of great juice.