Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thises and Thatses.

I am making progress - although not the kind I had planned on.  All progress so far is Ellie-based.  She's better on her leash, she is better at taking treats (only have to count my fingers occasionally now), she's settled down and is not as Velcro-ish as she was.  I had hoped to make more progress on my garden, but... at least the weather has been so cold I couldn't have planted anything even if I did have the time and energy.  If all goes well and the Universe is smiling on Ellie and me, she will be adopted into a great family this weekend.  The little booger has wiggled her way right into our hearts.  I caught Kramer lying next to her last night.

Up for the weekend is marathon gardening.  I need to wheel barrow down some sawdust mulch from my neighbor's big pile for the strawberries.  I need to amend a couple of beds and prep them for planting.  I need to fill the big raised bed from last year, which never got done.  Another casualty of the 'too little time/too much to do" syndrome.  It's also time to set up the netting around the currant bushes, or I won't get a single one.  The birds are faster than I am.  Speaking of birds, I saw a hummer this morning, which sent me running for the hummer feeder and whipping up a batch of syrup.  I mean, it must be freezing up here!  There is also a Phoebe nest glued to the tops of some PVC pipes I had stored in the barn.  She's setting on eggs, as every time I come in to get hay, she zips out the airspace.  We seem to have lots of Phoebes this year.

I decided to buy a few lettuce plants, since the germination of the seeds I planted in the cold frame is spotty at best.  And I need lettuce!!!  (Jane, why do you live so far away?)  I'm adding a gold oregano to the perennial herb bed - it's gorgeous!  Only one sage plant made it through the winter, my thyme is rampant - and I don't really need to cultivate any, since a good quarter of my side and front yard is full of wild thyme.  I've got parsley in the deck boxes again and planted some nasturtiums in them as well.  Last year's brutal heat and dryness did a number on them, but I'm hoping for a more normal (HAHAHAHA) year this year.  I love the combination.  My lovage is growing and spreading - I always think of Els (the Weaver), my friend who gave me a start of hers, when I see it coming up each spring.  What a lovely way to remember a friend.

While I'd like to tackle the so-called flower bed this year - I've plans for a butterfly/bee/hummer garden - I might have to settle for less than more.  After all, there is just one of me.  And I'm sure that's a good thing.

It is a good thing, if you happen to own the second Gravel Pit from Hell on my road.  I've gone through the full spectrum of anger, frustration, anger, frustration, and feeling helpless against the noise and damage.  Then I thought, the Hell I Am helpless, and have started a campaign to make their lives as hellish as mine.  So far, I've zeroed in on the government guy who is in charge of mines and making sure they are following regulations.  Then I started an email-writing campaign to my town board members addressing the traffic, noise and dust.  Then I started the FOIL process (Freedom of Information Law) to get a copy of the permit application.  Then I emailed the Town Supervisor to request information on weight load limitations on town roads.  And let's not forget my (remaining) sign that is making its weekend appearances!  Yes, I plan on becoming a regular PITA. 


  1. Glad YOU have some Phoebes nesting. Our regular couple who have been here for the past seven years came back only long enough to discover that Outside Kitty has taken up residence closer to their nesting sight than they were comfortable with. I'll miss them, but at least they have foresight enough to know that their offspring may have been a breakfast snack for my out-of-doors feline.

    Give those gravel guys hell! (Makes mental note to NOT piss Susan off)

  2. Maybe you can at least get them to lower the speed limit on your road .... good luck.

  3. So much to do this time of year, so much to do. Then you have Ellie thrown into the mix and . . . ei-yi-yi! I sure do hope she finds her forever family this weekend. She sounds like such a sweet little dog and so much in need of good lovin'.

    Good for you for taking on the gravel trucks in a way that just might effect some piece of mind (let alone end to the dust and noise) for you.

    We've had our hummingbird feeders out for about a week now. Last year they showed up on the 11th of May but we've seen nary a one yet this year. We've heard they are in the area. Just not at our place. :o(

  4. LOL--there OUGHT to be at least 2 of you for the load you're carrying just hassling the gravel guys. Oh, I wish you the best of luck on your war. Business ALWAYS seems to be the favored ones--but it sounds like this time they messed with the WRONG gal.

  5. I've got bee balm if you need it. We broadcast some butterfly weed, but it's not up yet. I checked the damn goat with the huge udder who kept me up most of last night, as I thought she was in labor. Apparently, her udder is full of fat, not milk. She always looks pregnant due to her build, but this year, it's ridiculous, or ridonkulous, as Becca would say.

  6. Good luck with the Gravel Pit War, I hope you make their lives as miserable as they have been making yours!
    Got my fingers crossed for Ellie finding a good home this weekend. All your garden plans sound lovely! I've given up this year and just planted my tomato seedlings in some 5-gallon buckets. :(

  7. Many of the plants in my garden were cuttings from friends. It is a nice way to remember someone!