Friday, May 10, 2013

Catch up.

I have been too busy snoogling goat kids to take pictures.  I have got to learn to use the video on my phone, since they don't hold still long enough to be a good target for still photography.  Every morning I spend time doing my impression of Mount Sweezie, so that they can climb all over me.  This, of course, makes me collapse into a pile of hysterical laughter.  What a good way to start the day.  Sage still sidles away from me and I haven't started milking her yet.  I am aiming for next week, come Hell or High Water.

Apple (L) and Willo (R) enjoying the sun.  I have to
work on my camera skills.
No kidding.
Chickie is being a very good uncle.  He chases them around every once in a while, but, for the most part, they follow him like a little wagon train.  They are getting tall and have wonderful confirmation.  Apple (as in the Apple of My Eye - truly) is very curious and likes being held.  Willo is more her mother's daughter.

They look so...adultish.

Grass is growing, so the sheep and Apria get a little time on grass in the morning and in the evening.  Just to make sure they don't starve.  (BTW, I am still looking for that "before" picture - which I KNOW I have.  Just don't know where I have it.)

The peas continue to grow, I have put in three types of beets this year, along with two kinds of chard.  On Sunday, I finished construction of the new strawberry bed, filled it and finished planting the strawberries at 7:30P.  Down to the wire.  Today I snuck in a few rows of beans - hoping that the weather will continue to hold steady.  I am sure I tempted fate and we will be struck down with a hard freeze.  Why, oh, why do I do it?  Will I ever learn?  Probably not.

I have one mushroom log done and one still in the planning stage - which means I won't be harvesting Blue Oysters until 2015 at this rate.  The old hoop house has been stripped of its raggedy coverings and I am almost done digging around the foundation.  Once that's been cleared, my farmer neighbor and three burly fellows will come over and wrench it out and move it.  That's the plan, anyway.  There is some excellent compost in the hoop house - and I want at it!

The germination in my cold frame has been disappointing.  A measly four inch row of spinach has come up - same with two types of lettuce.  Everything else did not germinate at all.  I'll start more this weekend but, at this rate, I better start looking elsewhere for salad makings.  I did enjoy a couple meals of fresh dandelion greens - by now, the neighbors don't even blink an eye when they see me rooting around in the fields.

Newbies discovering new territory.  (That's
Dizzy Mae's big white butt.)

I love this age.
The chicks are officially now teenagers and are spending their days outside of the brooder coop in the fenced run (with a tarp for shade and protection).  Dizzy Mae, the ex-patient, has made a full recovery and is very bossy.  Of my four straight-run Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, I think that one is a rooster.   Depending on his temperament, he is in the running to replace Kees, who will go to a Barnevelder breeder.  He is standing on the 4x4 in the bottom pic. 

I've managed to get some things checked off the big list - now to focus on the 248-page small list.


  1. It's those "small" lists that will get you in the end.
    Lots going on there (as is EVERYWHERE, I imagine, at this time of year)
    We sit and sit and sit all winter and then BAM, it ALL needs attention NOW.

    Personally-if I had 3 burly guys (and a neighbor) showing up--I'd have a BIG list to check off while they were there. If anything, I'm sneaky that way..............
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Good morning, Sue! Yes, we all just cannot wait for spring and then, BAM! There it is and we are flat out. I am trying to think of another couple (hundred) things the burly guys can do - but they're dairy farmers, so their time is limited. Thank goodness they work for baked goods... :) Hope you get lots of sun and nice mild temperatures this weekend - I love to watch the progress of your garden.

  2. We are getting another cold spell on Sunday, so I can't plant anything else yet. I hope your garden does well this year.

    1. Kristina - Our temps are supposed to take a dip on Monday. I'm not planting anything else until closer to Memorial Day weekend. The same wishes to you and your garden this year!

  3. That new roo is a purty one! Bet they are glad to be out of the coop.

    1. Carolyn - I'm thinking of calling him Roger. Don't know why that comes to mind every time I see him, but it does. It's fun watching them posturing and flapping. They're not quite coordinated yet.

  4. I'm envious of all you've managed to get into the garden already. What zone are you (technically) in? It's gotta be warmer than our Zone 4. It sounds as if you're going full-bore on the animals and gardening. Don't know how you manage as much as you do being gone five days a week. (Or is it six what with you weekly visit to your parents?)

    Do you have a milking stand to put Sage up on? I can't imagine how hard it would be to train in a new milking doe without a stand on which you could contain/restrain her.

    1. Mama Pea - Ah, well. Patience is not my best virtue. Or present at all, frankly. I always rush planting. I am hoping that it doesn't bite me you-know-where. I think I can do all I do by not thinking about it. As soon as I do, I'm done for. AnnMarie let me borrow one of her milking stands - it's a little tall for her, but I can heft her squirmy self up there. I really need to spend more time handling her or I'll be in a whole lot of hurt later. Wanna come help?

  5. That is a big list of things checked off. There's always so much to do in the spring and it sounds like you're making great progress!

    I should keep better track on my blog, and look at it when I feel like I haven't done "enough".

    Those goat babies sure are adorable!

  6. You have been a busy, busy girl! I hope Sage turns into a good milker for you, her kids are sure cuties! :)

  7. Goat kids are so precious, and fun, and cute. You have to take the time to enjoy them! So true about not holding still too.