Wednesday, May 29, 2013

There was snorkeling and snorgling.

There could have been canoeing and water skiing, too.  And that was just in my front yard.  It rained for four days straight.  And it snowed (not far from me, by God).  And then, Monday, I awoke to a parallel Universe where the skies were blue, cloudless and sunny.  And then we had a freeze/frost.

On Sunday, a friend stopped by during the downpour to enjoy a little goat snorkeling/snorgling.  They are so relaxed that Apple's little hiney is hanging out the back.  Chickie kept trying to whisper in her ear..."I am the cute one - I am the one with personality - you should snorgle ME!"  Sage was watching from the dry barn.  Babies or not, she wasn't about to get wet.

A lap full o' love.

Hey, lady.  Put those kids down and snorgle me!

You can see Apple's ample little butt sticking out
to the right.

It was a short snorgling session, as the goats H.A.T.E. rain, and that's about all it did on Sunday.  And the day before.  And the day before that.  And...never mind.

That left Monday.  I did manage to squeeze in three days' worth of gardening by starting at 9 and stopping at 6.  I am happy to say that, other than planting basil, peppers and squash, I am done.  Am I ever.  For now, anyway.  Am I the only one who goes out the day after planting seeds to stare at the dirt, waiting for the seedlings to appear?

Bean bed with snow peas on each end.
Three kinds of beets/two kinds of chard.

Tomatoes and cukes on the end with trellis.

Wide view - new strawberry bed in foreground.  Gigundo
new bed (8 loads dirt/two manure) to right.
Potatoes in tires.  Horseradish in far left tire.
The power of the bbeans is evident in the ggarlic bed.

For those of you who have skipped the post to find out who won the Parent of the Sourdough Starter Giveaway...there will be a test on the rest... :)

The winner is:  Jocelyn!  Please email your mailing address and I will send it off.  Congratulations!!!


  1. Susan,

    The national news displayed all the weather you've been getting. The snow and rain, today they were talking about more rain.
    On the bright side at least the rain helps the garden, and you don't have to water :=)

    Your garden beds are really coming along. You'll have a beautiful harvest soon.

    1. Sandy - I am trying (very hard) to look on the bright side. I'm sure I will be crying foul when all the rain disappears this summer and I am at the bottom of my rain barrel. I can't wait for the harvest!

  2. I'm going to have to look back through your posts and remind myself how to plant garlic...

    1. Jenyfer - It's really simple. You plant it in the fall, mulch it (with straw, leaves, etc.) and that's it.

  3. Your garlic is looking terrific. Perhaps I need some bbeans too!

    1. Sue - Too bad I can't just package some up and send it! Any llama/alpaca farms in your area?

  4. Your beautiful garden seems to be thriving in spite of all the wacky weather! Chickie is funny wanting some lovin' too! :)

  5. Cute goats! We've had pouring, cold rain for a couple of days. Supposed to be in the 80's next week. Glad for the rain though...

  6. LOL--you sound like me. Everyday I'm out there patrolling the gardens lilke some kind of Nazi...weed? chard? can't tell

    Today I spent too much time out in the hot sun and ridiculous humidity digging small holes to plant errant tomatoes in that wouldn't fit in the bed. My husband said--just toss them in the compost. I was HORRIFIED !!!!! I planted most of them with my hostas in front of the back deck (sunny spot). The last 2 Romas went into the big box that's holding the last 12 sweet potatoes that ALSO WOULDN'T FIT IN THE BED !!! What is wrong with me?

    Btw-sweet babies. I wish I had room for goats...

  7. We have goats as well, ours are mostly Nubians. We keep two Nannies and a weather as a friend to our Billy. You just got to love goats, such great personalities.
    And No you are not alone in staring at the soil the day after planting, I am guilty also.

  8. Woo hoo! I WON! YEAY!! Thank you so much! Will email you now.

    Have you done potatoes in tires before? Did it work? I had 0 success with it last time, and I'm thinking I did something very wrong.

  9. Oh no! I can't email you! It wants outlook, and I don't have it.

    My email is If you can email me, that would be fantastic. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. :(