Friday, February 26, 2016

Oh, Henry!

Those ears!

He had been gnawing on that bone seconds before.

Puppy Love.
This past weekend, I took a quick trip north on the pretext of visiting a friend.  The true reason was to meet Henry, their granddog.  Oh, I love puppies and especially short, chunky-monkey puppies with giant bat ears and smooshy faces.  Needless to say, they checked my pockets when I left.

However, in my humble opinion, there is nothing - N.O.T.H.I.N.G - like an old dog.  And a wiggly girl dog.  And a little sausage-shaped dog.

Such a wonderful dog.

This is her slanty-eyed "I have control of your mind. 
You will give me a crunchy" look.

A little out of focus, but so is The Pepperoni.

Kramer, the Two Dimensional Cat, is
always present with the dogs.


  1. Replies
    1. Gail - As you know, they supply an unending amount of entertainment. Even if our sticks are still frozen to the ground.

  2. Fun post. Seeing all the critters gives us such a welcome look into your life.

    1. Mama Pea - I can always get photo ops in the kitchen, oddly.... :)

  3. Old dogs are my favorite. . . .or which ever dog I'm patting at the time is my favorite. . .but mostly old dogs.

  4. Nothing like an old dog.....I agree. Hug B

  5. They are such marvelous dogs, yes puppies have allure but your pack has chutzpah! I so look forward to the arrival of our sheep in April because then we can get pooches!

  6. Puppies are cute but old dogs have got savvy.

  7. What cute photos. Makes a person just smile.

  8. Susan,

    Great photo's of your furbies. They know they're loved, you can see it on their faces. Give them all a scratch behind their ears for me :-)

  9. Ha, Kramer must think he's a dog, LOL

  10. what a cute pup! all of them are cute!

  11. Precious Little Kids..... you are so lucky.