Sunday, August 28, 2011


(You should pardon the pun.)  While it is still raining like crazy, we did not get the wind speeds they had originally predicted.  There is a lot of flooding around us and some of the local towns have declared an emergency.  Bernie is firmly fixed under my bed -- she held up pretty well until the rolling thunder.  Then it was too much for her.  I don't know how much rain we've had - but it's been coming down hard and heavy since 1:30ish this morning - with a very slight lull of about 5 minutes around 7a.

I've managed to finish a book (unheard of!) and get some tomato sauce on the stove.  In case we had lost power which, knock on my wooden head, we have not, I had dinner slow cooking.  I even got some sewing done and some knitting as well.  Now I am ready to go out and see what there is to see.  I am not good at sitting, no matter how much I have to do inside.  That's what winter's for, right?

During the height of the wind/rain, I ran out to close the coop window and could hear the little brook down below the property line roaring like it was the Mississippi.  I am hoping that the rain lets up enough that I can go down the road to take a look at it.  I know the ducks are very anxious to get out and dabble through the massive puddles.  The llama keeps sticking his nose out of the hoop house to see if the rain is letting up.

I am very, very thankful that we had less damage than they predicted.  There is nothing worse than that helpless feeling you have when you can't guarantee all your "dependents" will be safe.  I was so sorry to hear about the deaths caused by the storm and count my blessings often.  My youngest sister managed to get out of NYC yesterday morning, so I know she's safe on the west coast.  My middle sister is vacationing on the coast of Maine, so there's still one to worry about.  Other than two fairly short power outages, my parents are doing fine in VT - except their cable is down, tantamount to the end of the world.  They'll manage.

Thank you all for your good thoughts and wishes.  I love my blog family!


  1. I was just getting ready to write to you to ask how your conditions were so I'm very, very glad to see this post. Do you have a rain gauge? 'Twould be interesting to know how much rain you've had. 'Course, you might have to empty it a time or two and add up the contents! Sounds as if you and the animals are all just fine if a little bamboozled as to why they can't go outside without a full suit of rain gear. Do keep us updated as to how the roads in the area are holding up and if it's business as usual for you tomorrow. Wishing you sunshine!

  2. Glad you weathered the storm well! So far, most seem to have fared pretty well (except for my SIL) so I'm glad it was less than predicted.

  3. You make a hurricane seem like a vacation day. You took it in such stride I was a little jealous of your sewing, knitting, and slow cooking. Glad that you are doing well and actually got to sit down for a few minutes.

  4. PHEW! Another one for the record books and glad to see it pass. Always better safe than sorry and we are very glad you are safe! Sounds like it afforded you a little down time to regain speed for the clean up you may have as well. Good deal!

  5. Just came back in from doing some of the cleanup - so glad to hear all is well with you! Looks like some really bad flooding in rivers on the news up there. Here it's high surge but not as dangerous looking as the fast rivers... we just have the tides that sneak up on you.

  6. Mama Pea - Yes, here I am! What a day -- I will be glad when it's over, but it's still blowing and raining. Hard to believe that sunshine is forecast for tomorrow!

    Judy - Is your SIL okay? Where does she live? We were pretty lucky, all things considered.

    Jane - Hahaha. I got a lot of things started. I can't sit still and have a focus problem, so many things are started and few are finished. I had an early case of cabin fever.

    APG - Yes, hallelujah! The ducks were quite thrilled with all the small ponds in the back. Clean up is going to have to wait. I'll just be happy to see the end of the rain.

    Erin - Hope those tides don't sneak all the way up to you! Lots of water damage here - roads and bridges washed out, flooded, etc. Should be interesting finding a clear path to work tomorrow!

  7. Glad you made it through unscathed!