Sunday, August 28, 2011

Oh, boy!

Here we go!  I managed to get every one of my to-do's checked off and everything that's battenable (word?) is battened.  The only real fun is going to be getting out to the barn to throw some hay at the sheep and goats.  They may be a little hungry today. 

I think it's inevitable that we will be without power.  It takes a lot less than Irene to shut everything down.  So I won't be posting again until a) the power is restored, or (more likely) I do it from my office -- if THEY have power tomorrow!

See ya soon!


  1. Here's hoping for power! And safety. And sunshine in the morning.

  2. Stay safe and be tough! Hope everything turns out ok!

  3. Your area didn't look too good even yesterday! Don't take any chances trying to get to work tomorrow morning (IF your office is open). You might be better off staying home with your furry/fuzzy guys and making sure the farm is safe. Thinking of you all the time with fingers crossed.

  4. Stay safe, I hope Irene is kind to you.

  5. If "battenable" wasn't a word before, it certainly is now! Will be waiting to hear the report after it passes!