Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Well, Shush my Bunny!

I have been working on a little crafty-type thing to put on my Etsy site.  These have been very popular with the grand-daughters of friends, so I'm working on a mess of them.

Lying down on the job.
Introducing the Shush Bunnies!  They are made from flannel (or terry) and lightly stuffed with lavender buds and polyfill.  While their main purpose is to provide a sweet, soothing sleep companion for you on your pillow, they also tend to become the boon companions of small people, and are dragged around until they are soft, flat little rags.  Once I get more of them made, I will link to my Etsy site.  (Nothing like some good, old-fashioned and blatant self-promotion.)  I used to try to make the faces all the same, but that rarely worked.  My sewing skills are different from early morning to night.  But it gives them each their own 'look'.  I am also working on another crafty-type thing but that, my dears, is at the polar opposite end of the degree of difficulty scale.  It will be a while before I post a picture of it.

So far, I've canned 11 pints and 3 quarts of corn, and have one more batch to process.  Preparing the corn in the evening, then canning it in the morning has been successful so far.  But I will be happy to see the last ear of those 4+ dozen safely in a jar.  Tonight I am meeting a prospective lamb-buyer at the homestead.  Please cross your collective toes and fingers.


  1. well- you aren't you full of talent and busy as a bee to boot-I adore those little squish dolls and I have a little grandson who will probably chew one of them to pieces even with just the 2 teeth

  2. Those are adorable! I can picture a little tike draggin' them around and wiping their little noses on them!

    Do tell more about the lamb! Are you raising for meat, flock?? What? I am interested! And of course crossing everything for you!

  3. Fingers crossed! I can't wait to hear what the "other" crafty project is, you have piqued my curiosity now! Love the bunnies :)

  4. Judy - It's amazing how much damage they can do with only two teeth! Don't know how tasty they would be, but I did have lavender with dark chocolate once - dreamy!

    APG - Hey! I hadn't thought about that. I don't know how much nose-wiping they'd hold up under. I raise the sheep for fiber, but lost my mind and bred ALL the sheep. TOO MANY LAMBS.

    Erin - Thank you! I may do the other project in steps. Many, many steps...

  5. Love those bunnies. And who says they are just for kids ;) I have had my share of corn too, and I never thought I would say that. But it keeps appearing on my door step and I already have put up 25 dozen. I have no more room at the inn. Good luck with your buyer.

  6. I like the bunnies! Kids love things like that.
    I know what happened with the lambs, but I'll let you tel.

  7. Love the Shush Bunnies! Just the thing for little ones. Simple, soft and cuddle-able. You really have us interested in your other project. How long do we have to wait to hear more?

    Hope the lamb-buying deal went well.

  8. Just saying hello from the Amish settlement of Lebanon,Pa. Richard from Amish Stories.

  9. I will attest that Susan came through with two replacements for my GD after one was lost on a camping trip and said GD could not sleep without it........sort of like our not being able to start our day without that cup of Java.
    These are wonderful......have you ever washed one?

  10. Jane - 25 dozen??? OMG. I cannot even fathom that many dozen ears - all the shucking, the de-kerneling. yeesh.

    Kay - Thank you for keeping my secret!

    Mama Pea - Once the rabbitry is finished, I'm on to the next project. Which will be revealed in steps.

    Richard - Thank you for commenting and hello back! I enjoy your blog very much.

    Sylvie - Zuzu's pink bunny should be arriving any day. I haven't washed one, but I am going to make a test bunny. Don't think the lavender buds will hold up well...

  11. Hello! I am the mother of the children who love the bunnies! They are AMAZING. My baby cannot sleep without hers. Susan, you have to list them on your Etsy site so I can send all my friends there so we can buy them all.

    I have hand-washed ours, since Ramona likes to put things IN to something and then take them OUT, which is all fine, until she's putting her bunny INto the toilet.