Monday, August 22, 2011

Three out of four ain't bad.

I am happy to announce that the rabbit cage buyer drove an hour and a half and bought all the cages!  My three lambs left for their new home yesterday afternoon and, Miguel is a mere memory and a bare patch on the driveway.  The Duck Guy did not show.  Nor did he call.  I am secretly hoping that he will email me again (with some "woe is me" tale) so I can tell him what I think of his lack of respect for my time.

As far as work on the LISTx3, I managed to clean out the goats' house and do a little cleaning of my house.  That was in between downpours and thunderstorms.  The forecast had been for a "slight" chance in the afternoon.  The sky opened up shortly after I had hung out the wash.  I am pretty happy with all I got done and will take a crack at a few other items during the week, as time and weather allow.  My neighbor is going to assess whether it is possible to move my lattice house (sans the lattice) into the sheep's area for more shelter this winter.  That would not only save me time but money.  Both of which are in short supply!  With the frame already finished, I would only have to roof and side it.

I was VERY surprised at the lack of reaction by the ewes to the departure of their lambs.  I am sure that some of that was due to the fact that I threw a load of hay at them immediately after the lambs left.  Without Juni standing on the hay wagon, it was easier to get at the good bits.  And is it sure is blissfully more quiet without Hazel.  She was always the first to let go with the lamb alarm, setting off the rest.  I do miss Juni's funny little blaatting and his sweet little face looking up for treats.  There was no crying for babes last night, and no crying for babes this morning.  I think the weaning process was complete.

My Chinese Red Beans are finally growing!  I will get a picture or two tonight.  I have left the Navajo Trail of Tears beans to dry on the vine, and I am almost finished with the Kentucky Wonders.  I am beaned-out.  Now, if the gosh-darn zucchini would call it quits, I could clean out that bed and concentrate on drying the Swiss Chard.  I need to prepare one end of the covered bed for kale and spinach planting.  I'm curious to see if it will be as successful as last year's accidental planting!


  1. Wow looks like your list is getting lighter already!

  2. Well ya sorta figured the duck guy would fail. But you made progress!!! Good job missy!

  3. Wa-hoo! You're doing a great job at getting the ol' homestead shaped up for winter! (Give that girl a list and stand back!!) :o}

  4. Congrats on the successful accomplishments. Don't it make you feel good (my hillbilly accent is showing)...

  5. Busy, busy. Glad things are going well. And shame on Duck Guy. Rude people really irk me!

  6. darn lists ,now I'm to pooped to pot.Well I'm glad you got a lot accopmplished

  7. Jane - They were looking better and better, until I subdivided them!

    APG - Thank you, ma'am! Yeah, the Duck Guy is a loser.

    Mama Pea - It's a good thing I don't have any remodeling work on my list. Oh, wait. I have to cut a panel to finish the bathroom remodeling I started four years ago. Sigh.

    Ruth - You betcha!

    Sue - You and me both. It really snaps my girdle when people keep stringing you along.

    Judy - Taking it a little at a time is the only way to keep your sanity.

  8. Nice job on those rabbits and lambs! Grrr, I just hate those people that have no respect for peoples' time! Lovely wedding stuff too on the last post!