Sunday, August 21, 2011


I am not a fan of weddings, as weddings go.  I feel that all that money spent on caterers, flowers, parties, booze, etc. could go into buying a nice piece of land with a house and a barn.  But that's just my bias.  I attended a wedding on Saturday that was so beautiful and loving, that it made me happy that I had jumped into my party clothes and made the trip.  The wedding couple, C and S, have been together for a while.  They have had their ups and downs, but the relationship held together and love grew stronger.  C is the daughter of a very dear friend.  She is a beautiful young woman, smart and sassy, sweet and tender. 

The wedding was held on the grounds of the Darrow School, the site of one of the oldest Shaker settlements in the area.  The day was a rarefied one, the views were breath-taking.  The guests were a mix of young and old, from infants to a few nonagenarians.  Friends and family were involved in every process - an aunt made the cake, a friend forged their rings.  Love flowed -- you could almost put your hand out and touch it.  The bride, accompanied by both her parents, was piped in.  That, of course, had me weeping in the pews.  My friend, M, a writer and poet, read a poem she wrote for her daughter.  I think it took everything C had to keep from bawling.  I didn't need restraint, so I bawled.  Thank goodness my pew-mate had tissues.

I didn't get to stay for the dancing - there were sheep, dogs, and goats to feed and chickens to lock up for the night.  But I had a marvelous time and met some completely outstanding women from New Mexico (M lived there for many years) who, I am sure, added some whee-ha to the party!

Here are a few pictures.

M with the ring bearer and brother.

Directions to all the important places.

Breathtaking vistas.
Hank, the Best Dog, watching C approach.

The bride and family

M taking it all in.


  1. What a beautiful looking wedding. Hand forged rings? Homemade wedding cake? Outdoor party? Not THAT is what weddings should be like.

    I too get frazzled when you hear young (or older) couples spending thousands upon thousands of dollars for a wedding. I wonder if the current economy is making people think twice about an outlay of money like that now.

  2. I feel the same way you do about weddings, especially when most end in divorce in the next few years. But that did look like a wonderful ceremony. And an event with a best dog is my kind of place.

  3. Carolyn - I do admit that everyone looked a little dazed. And I'm sure, as I eyed the loooong line at the open bar, that the bride's parents will be choking when they get the bill!

    Jane - Yes, Hank is their baby. The poor ring bearer (about 5 YO) has such a crush on C that he cried more than her mother! He was counting on marrying her, I think, when he grew up.

  4. Oh, you are beautiful you remind me of my sister Maryjane and that dress I have to tell you now my daughter goes to momma blogs and wins and wins. so this time she won a pair of pants for her 3 year old daughter and they are 1 inch ruffles all the way down reminds me of your dress but they are so darling. Glad you had a good time .I was suppose to go to a family function-all out outdoor get together -it was for the entire week-end my niece who presently lives in new york was also there but alas I COULDN'T LEAVE JERRY ALONE THERE WILL BE OTHER FUNCTIONS TO GO TO

  5. Gorgeous setting for the wedding. Thanks for sharing with us.

    I was with a gal this morning who celebrated (with her husband) her 50th wedding anniversary last Friday. I asked about their wedding day and she said their reception was a potluck dinner (all the guests brought a dish) and it was some of the best food people said they'd ever had! Now how's that for not spending a gazillion dollars on a caterer? There are ways to have a lovely wedding without spending $25,000. (How can people be so stoopid?)

  6. I have to agree with you on the money spent for weddings. I had a cheap wedding - vows at the Justice of Peace, and then a backyard bbq. Had lots of fun just the same.