Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shake, Rattle and Roll!

Okay, what's next, there, Ma Nature???  Plague of locusts?  Actually, we have about a zillion grasshoppers this year - many, many, many more than last year.  And the Ash Borers are munching their way across the state.  Geez.

The temblor that ran up the East Coast gave our office building a bit of a shake, but nothing very exciting.  If you've been through it before, that is.  The rest of the office building ran like rats off a sinking ship.  Honestly, it was not very exciting, other than it was MORE exciting than what I was doing at work yesterday.

I think the effects would have been more noticeable in the taller office buildings, as they really can shake by the time the movement works it's way up 30 floors!  Ours is only 7 floors, so it was a bit disappointing.  To me.

Not being home, I didn't have the advantage of the early dog/cat warning system.  They can always tell when something is about to happen.  Did anyone who felt the tremor notice any odd animal behaviour?


  1. Saskatchewan is sounding like a good relocation plan to me this year... wanna come? LOL....

  2. maybe by proxy [ listening to the news that is ] made me a little luny

  3. And on the same day a 5.2 in colorado. Yep, sky is falling. My oldest dog of 16 was wandering around a bit at the time. I did feel the tremor, but barely. I think the dog was just more interested in finding the best sleeping spot rather than sounding the alarm.

  4. I didn't feel a thing way over here, and I have no animals--but that's a very interesting aspect of it that I didn't know. I guess animals are a lot more tuned into things.

  5. Nothing happened here to give hint. But I am sure they would if they felt it, four paws on the ground must give them better feel.

    Yes, we have had lots and lots of grasshoppers too!

  6. I'm just waiting for the New Madrid fault to go. My sister (DC area) told me to be careful what I say! She said at her house the quake was amazing.

  7. I was in the barn and, other than the dogs briefly barking at nothing, noticed no odd behavior from any of my menagerie.