Friday, August 26, 2011

Me, Myself and Irene - No Love Story.

Sorry!  I just HAD to say it.  I've been following her progression and all her changes since yesterday.  It looks like the storm has dropped in intensity - although, I am not sure what the BIG deal is about a drop of a mere 5 mph when we're talking about 100 mph - and her route has shifted slightly to the east.  This all means (to me) that the timetable for preparedness is now shorter, even though the effects of the storm should be less than first predicted. 

I have, inevitably, made a list.  (Waiting for the sound of bodies dropping in a faint of surprise.)  It is fairly detailed and starts at one end of the property and works around in a circle.  I thought you might all find this hilarious interesting.  First and foremost, stowing all the smaller, loose objects.  Even if our winds only hit around 40 mph, a missed step-in post can do a lot of damage to, say, car windows.  Overlooked poultry netting can get caught in hooves.  Feed bins not lashed down and weighted, can blow over and precious feed (KACHING) will be ruined in the rain.  I am including putting a board over the shed window - the plastic that replaced the previously broken glass won't hold up to much, and there's not much sense in putting something in a structure to protect it, when it will get rained on.

I am also going to take the opportunity to coil hoses, bungee cord my grill and trash cans to the deck, and bring in my precious Meyer Lemon tree.  I am also going to remove the screen off the sliding glass door and stow it in the shed.  I know how much it costs to replace, and don't want to add that expense to everything else.  I've got 10 gals of potable water inside, my Berkey filter reservoir is full.  I'm going to pick up ice tomorrow and put necessary things in the cooler, so I can stay out of the fridge when the power goes off.

I'm going to finish tarping the baled hay in the barn - it is not water tight, and I don't want to lose any bales.  If I have time (haha) I might take the added precaution and make a little tepee inside the barn for the goats.   They are in a pretty sheltered spot, but it may be less traumatic to have a smaller, secure area in which to cuddle up.  I don't think I'll have to worry about filling waterers, given the forecast for inches of rain.  If it wasn't going to blow so hard, I'd set up my water barrel.  I may try to do that anyway.

The oil lamps are filled, with shades cleaned.  I have candles and matches at the ready.  I have both a battery-operated radio (note to self:  buy more batteries) and a hand cranked radio. On my list is to charge my cell phone; pick up cat food, poultry feed and dog food; and check the propane for my grill.  And, best of all, I have my doggies to keep me warm!  In a way, I do hope the storm hits earlier.  I would rather have the ability to assess damage Sunday, rather than wake to it on Monday.  That is NO way to start the week!

Signing off for now.  I'll post tomorrow if I get the chance.   If you are in Irene's path, I hope you are all safe and secure -- and well-prepared.


  1. are turning into a regular list girl!!

    Please stay safe and sound. Praying for you and all your critters!

  2. We'll be thinking about you, for sure. I hope everyone is taking as good care of their animals as you are. If Irene has to make an appearance, I'm glad she's doing it on a weekend so you can be at home to take care of things. Do keep us posted, even if it's just to say, "I'm fine. No problems at all." Which, of course, is what we're hoping to hear!

  3. Some more tips if you haven't already thought of them, or even have time:

    Vacuum anything that needs vacuumed, do all the laundry and dishes and take a long, hot shower!

    Ask me how I know these things should be done pre-storm.......

  4. yay, all the right stuff! You'll be good with that list done! I second Carolyn's suggestion too... you don't know how much I enjoyed that hot shower tonight knowing it would be my last for 6-10 days!!! Stay safe!

  5. p.s. the first outer bands of rain just started here about 30 mins ago...

  6. Stay safe and sound, good for you for making your list and checking it twice.

  7. Will I hope the storm takes a turn out to sea but in the other case scenario you sound well and ready as you can be.I second momma pea's thought-keep us posted

  8. It sure sounds like you've done everything possible. Keep doing as you think of things, be safe.

  9. Hey, you - your Etsy shop link / picture no workie! Hope you can weather the storm just fine, pun intended! :)

    Chicken Mama

  10. Woo hoo, after 2 weeks, my computer's back online!

    Having been in the path of a few hurricane's myself from time to time, I absolutely appreciate your preparations. I'm concerned though, because you said you'd post again yesterday if you had a chance. Is everything okay?!?!?!?