Friday, November 11, 2011

Are we there yet?

Waiting impatiently for the weekend.  Boy, I used to drive my parents crazy with that question.  Back in the day, we drove everywhere for vacations.  No way we could afford to fly.  I loved to be in the car - because I suffer from motion sickness, I got to ride in the front with my parents until they couldn't stand my chatterbox self and put me back with my sisters to suffer.  I didn't suffer that badly, as it only affects me if I have to read.  But I squeezed every melodramatic bit out of it I could muster.  Since those were the days before computers, DVDs, smart phones - heck, even touch-tone was in the future - we had to amuse ourselves with "I Spy" games and seeing who could find the most license plates from "foreign" states.  (Fogey moment)  Not surprisingly, my favorite traveling toy was a red plastic barn that held white rubber farm animals.  It was my constant companion - I even remember the names of my two rubber chickens:  Mudder and Feather. 

Sorry -- got off on a musing there.  The weather forecast does not call for rain this weekend, so I am hoping to squeeze every last bit of daylight out of the day tomorrow.  I've invited a neighbor over for dinner - it's the only way I can pay some of them back for all of their invaluable help - so I won't be working outside until dark.  Pot roast is on the menu!  It's going to be a typical fall day - breezy, chilly, partly sunny - a perfect day for pot roast.  Work must progress on the run-in shed and that's really my priority.  Sunday I will be (wo)manning a table with Sylvia at our local craft fair.  If I am organized enough, I will remember to bring my camera and take pictures.  Since the wine store is next to our space, maybe we can talk her into having a wine tasting!

Above is a picture of my Meyer Lemon tree.  I have had a bumper crop of lemons off this little tree - 29!!  And there are new blossoms and new lemons coming in.  I'm glad I got a lot of SOME crop this year - besides my mega-zucchinis, that is.  You all have a great weekend and keep at those aprons!  I will post a picture of my (hopeful) progress next week.


  1. Nice lemon tree, Susan. It must be an indoor plant? Do you have to pollinate it? I'd love to have something like that; fresh lemonade! :)

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. MF - Yes, it's in a big ceramic pot. It goes outside on my deck in the late spring, then comes back inside as the weather rules. I usually play "bumblebee" and pollinate it with a paintbrush. I squeeze the juice and freeze it - it makes wonderful lemon curd (and lemonade!).

  3. Wahoo! Working in the yard/garden/run-in shed! Perfect weekend for that kind of outdoor work. Hope you get lots done. My weekend will be spent in the garden trying to find some dirt under the mountain of weeds that have run rampant. Anyway, it sounds like you'll be getting to socialize and having fun on Sunday. Maybe you'll get lots of crafty ideas from other folks there.

  4. I want a lemon tree! I wonder if Santa could find me one of those. How old before it produces?

  5. Lori - I love outdoor work in the fall! Summer you can have - I wilt easily. There are lots of crafy folks out here - I am sure to learn a thing or two!

    Jane - I hope you have been a very, very good girl this year. Your list to Santa is starting to add up LOL! I got mine two years ago and it was two years old when I got it. I decided to spring for the older (read: $$$) tree and I am glad I did. I water it thoroughly once a week and fertilize it with organic citrus tree fertilizer once a month. And it has it's own light. I love my tree!

  6. I think I need to move to a warmer climate (eventually) In addition to citrus trees, I would also like a pomegranate tree and and avocado tree!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Congrats on the great lemon harvest.
    And loved your memories of travel--all my brother and I did was fight!

  8. Ha! I live in what is considered a "warmer" climate and I would still have to put a lemon tree in a pot and bring it inside for the winter. Our poor little pomegranate bush froze to the ground in our 100-year freeze this past winter but it came back even better than before! :)
    Sounds like you have a nice weekend planned Susan and we will be awaiting a progress report on your apron!

  9. LOL, reading about your childhood family vacations was exactly like reading a page out of my own childhood.

    Congratulations on the lemons! I've got 4 on mine, which I'm watching like a hawk, anticipating a lemon pie. :)

  10. I "had" a lemon tree once. I would love to try one again. For some reason, if it's in a pot, I kill it. Yours is amazing!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  11. I love your musings! Even down here, the lemon tree would have to come in :)