Thursday, November 17, 2011


Yes, I am guilt-ridden.  I owe you pictures of my earrings AND of my apron progress.   I will now do my best to wheedle out of both....

The dog ate my camera. 

I have not taken pictures of anything other than some Etsy items because I have been so busy working on MY APRON.  I feel like the grasshopper amongst ants here.  Fiddling away while y'all have been whipping up the most amazing aprons ever!  Honestly, I am working on mine.  I have felt a great amount of pressure (strictly self-inflicted) to create an apron that would stand up to its bloggy competition.  That meant that I had to create my own pattern - a real challenge, as I have a difficult enough time following other people's patterns.  But I did it, and I am inching along towards finish-dom.

The cats hid my straight pins.

With any luck, I will unveil my apron on Monday.  Complete with myself as model (Sylvie - practice taking pictures through silk stockings, with mood lighting) as I will have someone available to take it on Sunday.  And I will wear my new earrings, too!

The sheep broke my Singer.

On Monday, I will link to all of you who have completed your aprons - so post pictures on your blogs.     Those who beat us all out (you know who you are, you over-achievers) will be linked as well.  Anyone needing more time - leave me a comment and I will check during the week and will link to you as we go along.  I will have to say that I have seen some beautiful aprons out there -- and I apologize for all the angst this challenge has wrought upon you!  But heck-golly, it's fun!


  1. Holy CRAP! It's THIS Monday!?!? I have to be done in only FOUR days!!?? You telling me you didn't mean Thanksgiving of 2012?

    The dog ate my pattern.

    The cat hid MY straight pins.

    I have no sheep, but I'm sure they've done something with my sewing machine as well.


  2. CR - Thanksgiving of 2012?? In our dreams! Feel free to hit me with a wet noodle - if you can catch me! I'm pretty fast for a middle-ager...8-) And what is it with cats + pins?

  3. Aw heck, what's life without a little angst wrought upon it? All I have to do is finish hemming mine but I'm actually afraid to try it on 'cause the shape is . . . well, totally shapeless. (However, I think I do remember proclaiming that was what I was shooting for so it would be comfortable. No waistband, no ties, no restrictions to being able to bend over with it on.)

  4. Well I ran short on time and electricity so I threw something together. No dog hair or duct tape I swear. Now do you want us to post the pictures on Monday or before Monday and you just link Monday?

  5. Mama Pea - All good considerations - I love no restrictions!

    Jane - You go, girl! Since I am tired of being shown up, let's wait for Monday.

  6. Whew, finished just today and I only had to rip it apart once! LOL!! I like that I now have a "ready-made" post for Monday, sometimes I get stumped! ;-)

  7. I do not think that my apron qualifies as an act of over-achieving. At. All. I did enjoy the "assignment" though :) Can't wait to see everyone else's efforts on Monday.

  8. I only over-achieved because I got sent home sick and needed something quiet to do besides watch the food network! Honest, I promise!! Otherwise I'd be frantically trying to finish on Monday.
    I can't wait to see what everyone else came up with!!

  9. Just need to hem mine....where'd my duct tape go??

  10. can't wait till next week for the unveiling--
    "-the dog ate my homework assignment"

  11. Candy - Me, too! It's going to be amazing!

    Jenyfer - Oh, pshaw. I think I am just in awe of your organizational skills (as well as your creative skills, I might add.)

    Judy - Oh, Modesty, thy name is Judy!

    dr momi - I used to use masking tape to fix hems. Then I'd leave it there until it fell apart. But it worked!

    Judy - And sometimes it was true!

  12. OMG this Monday??? Why was I thinking I had until Thanksgiving Day LOL??? Gotta go now.... :)

    Oh and thanks for the visual - I hate cats and now I have to think about cats with STRAIGHT PINS, great combo hahaha

  13. OK, OK, you really had me going there. LOL. No apron sewing here, but hopefully the photos will inspire me to make one ..... next year(?)