Monday, November 21, 2011

More Wonderfulness.

Honestly, has there ever been a greater group of sewers/ironers/grommeters?  Here are some more amazing aprons!

dr momi - Oh, good gracious!  The tassels!!!!  I mean, who'da thought you could have so much fun with tassels!

Hoosier Girl - I am thankful that she made this wonderful apron!  And it's her first ever!  I also like her photographic approach - I will have to copy it from here on in.

Patty - It's almost impossible to think that this is the first 'pattern' that Patty followed!  And, is that a reversible apron??  It is completely wonderful!  And I can't even begin to imagine making a pattern for something as lovely as her daughter's shirt (also modeled on the link).  What a great, attractive, talented group!


  1. With all the fun we've had with aprons for Thanksgiving, you should think up something for the next set of holidays.
    Thank you for the challenge and the fun.

  2. What fun this has been! Everyone's aprons are very cute! Thanks Susan for challenging us all! :)

  3. Susan - I think you have just been named our Challenge Maven. Has this been a blast or what? I'm just loving seeing all the aprons and getting connected with new bloggers.

    What's next?

    P.S. Sorry about my deletion. Just came in from a few hours outside and my fingers (and brain cells apparently) are frozen and my first comment made no sense.

  4. I found your blog thru Candys. I am so glad I did. I enjoyed reading about the aprons. Hope you have more projects. I would love to join.

  5. Judy - If I put another one up, Carolyn might track me down and shoot me! I'll noodle it around, however.

    Candy - Oh, it was fun, wasn't it? You are all such good sports (and so darn talented...)

    Mama Pea - Egads! Well, heck, we do have some "down" time over the winter, don't we? Let me see what I can come up with.

    Michelle - Welcome! You popped on at a fun time - I will have to come up with something fun to help us make it through those long winter nights!

  6. So fun to see everyone's aprons!! What a great challenge, and I agree....what's the next one?

  7. Maybe I will hit the next one too...What am it?