Monday, November 21, 2011

Mondy Musings

I seem to be wrapped up in knitting musings recently - such as, why is it that I think that the Broken Rib Pattern is knitting one should do while convalescing?  Couldn't they just as easily have called it - Non-Conformist's Rib or Slightly Off Rib?  And how telling it is to go through my (frighteningly large) stash of yarn!  You think platform shoes were something?  How about that period where everyone and their Aunt Nettie were knitting those long, loose scarves, using ribbon, mohair, cat hair, sparkles - anything that would wind around needles the size of tail pipes?  When every vertical space in every craft fair across the country was festooned with these wild accent pieces?  I was as guilty as the rest - whipping those babies out on an average of one a day.  I inflicted them upon every friend and family member at least once.  Geez.

It's funny when you make a slip of the tongue - and this falls into the "out of the mouths of babes" department. I used to date a fellow way back in the dark ages who had a young son.  He was the first single father I had ever met.  His son, K, used to refer to woodchucks as "ground chucks".  It was very cute.  Now that I have a garden, I think he was spot-on.  Ground chuck indeed.  He also used to belt me in the shoulder every time he spied a VW Beetle.  And, unfortunately, they were a hot item back then.  Not so cute.

Why is it a "pair of pants"?  I mean, it is one garment.  But it sounds odd when you try to make it single.  I just put on my pant.  Makes you think of a hot dog in summer.  And using another term doesn't make it sound any better - I am wearing my "slack".  Unfortunately, I always wear my slack.  Gravity has struck!  Could it be changed to:  "I am wearing my panting"?  "My slacking"?  How about a description based on closures:  I am wearing my elastics.  I am wearing my snap-fronts.  I will just pull on my zip-ups.  Hey - I am making it plural again!  It's hard to change something that's been set in stone.  I guess I will continue to pull on my zip-up pants in the summer, and slip into my elastic slacks in the winter.

Speaking of platform shoes (hold onto your horses, kids - it's Fogey Time), my absolute favorite shoes of all time - and that's saying something, although I hold boots in esteem in their own category - were a pair of platform shoes right out of Disco-rama, before Disco-rama.  And I don't want to hear from any of you young whippersnappers asking what Disco was.  They had almost fluorescent pink rubber platforms and heels with silver sparkly things mixed in.  They had to be a good 2-2.5 inches high.  The body of the shoe was in a Mary Jane style, in a stiff linen-like fabric with a wild floral design.  Oh, baby, these were smokin' shoes!  And I used to wear them with hot pants.  Oh, yeah.  Of course, the idea, now, of me in hot pants would make me run for the Pepto-Bismol.  The real question here is, though, would I pull on my zip-up hot pants?  It wouldn't do to slip into my elastic hot slacks, would it?  Come to think of it, that would be rather nice in the winter.


  1. Do you remember Earth Shoes???
    Funny looking, but the most comfortable things ever.
    I'm not going to discuss disco. Much. Gosh, those were fun times. I saw Saturday Night Fever about a thousand times. I just thought John Travolta was the "coolest" guy ever.
    I'm embarrassed to say that.

  2. Sue - I LOVED (and still do) Earth Shoes. As a matter of fact, I went from platforms to Earth shoes - probably out of self-preservation. Those were happenin' times, no?

  3. Floral pink platform shoes and hot pants, you go girl!! Don't you wish you had kept those shoes? They would probably be back in style at some point!! ;-)

  4. Oh. My. Gosh. I think I need to refill my mug of coffee because most of it just went all over the computer screen. Too funny! Great musings this morning, my dear. I too have wondered about the "pair of pants" thing. Some things will just never make any sense. :)

  5. Your Monday Musings are priceless!

    Of course, I remember Earth Shoes. I, however, NEVER wore hot pants. (My leg length is so lacking they would have fit me like Bermuda shorts.) But I do remember a pair of blue and white checked (wide, wide, WIDE) bell bottom pants very distinctly. I thought I looked so cool in them. 'Course, with my short frame, they no doubt served to make me look like a pygmy, but hey.

    Ummm, Susan? Weren't we supposed to have some kind of an Apron Reveal today???

  6. Love your musings, Susan. I'd also love to see your yarn stash. :) Those words jumped right out at me today, I love yarn! I usually crochet, sometimes weave, and hope to get a lot better at knitting!

    Have a great day. :)

  7. I too love your Monday Musings - I saw some leg warmers in the store the other day. Perhaps you should start knitting those?? - but I was also expecting the apron reveal? Don't tell us your dog ate the apron too!?

  8. Candy - Honestly? I'd have traded them in for a good pair of Doc Martens!

    MamaTea - Sorry about your coffee - and thank goodness not everything makes sense! What would we have to wonder about?

    Mama Pea - Never mind - we were very cool, were we not?

    MF - I love yarn, too! This is why I have way too much. But it's fun to be able to see a pattern a just know you have something you can use. Wish I knew how to crochet, though.

    Jenyfer - Leg warmers! Unfortunately, I don't have the focus to complete two of just about anything. But, I could try...

  9. Ohmigosh - last year hubby and I went '70's and I put on the ol' platform shoes, yeah.... this mama has forgotten how to walk in anything except flip flops and Birkenstocks apparently - I almost ended up in the E.R. LOL!