Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sitting and more sitting.

I tell you, it is very frustrating when you rise in the morning to a warmer-than-usual-sunshine-filled day and realize you will be spending it NOT on cleaning your garden, mucking out hoop houses or building your run-in.  No.  You will be spending it driving north for 40 minutes, switching cars, driving an hour and a half, sitting in a waiting room for an hour and a half, then reversing the process.  BANANA! 

I drove my parents into the city for my mom's annual eye exam with her specialist.  It is a good test of my patience and concentration (both of which are in short supply).  When I asked my mother for the address/location of her doctor's office, she informed me that "your dad knows where it is."  Somehow, that did not instill a lot of confidence in me.  Driving with my parents entails a great deal of input on their part on a) the speed at which we are traveling; b) the speed at which others are traveling; c) the number of cars on the road; d) the placement of our car vs. the car in front and behind us; e) the condition of the road; f) housing styles - which they want me to look at while I'm driving, but without taking my eyes off the road.  We did, however, end up in the right place with only two or three mis-steps.  I brought my knitting and Dad regaled me with stories from his stint in the Navy during The War.  As many times as I have heard these stories (thousands), I always hear something new and he loves to remember that period of his life.  The appointment went smoothly, we enjoyed a great Chinese lunch, and I almost made it home before dark.

I did take advantage of the fact that I had an extra hour in the morning, and cleared a path next to the goat fence, under the pines, so that I will have a more sheltered way to move hay from the front of the barn back to the sheep.  Sheep who are still baaing STRAWBERRIES! at me for putting them on a diet.  However, I cut up apples for them every morning and will continue to do so until the three bushels their Aunt Melanie sent over are gone.  Pfft!

Below you see the end result of lots of sitting and waiting:  my finished tea cosy on my lovely new teapot!

Somehow, I have found myself volunteered to drive my parents and two of their friends (both in their early 90s) to brunch a week from Sunday.  I did, feebly, try to weasel out since it was supposed to be this coming Sunday, and I have a commitment.  My mother who, though she may be in her late 80s, can run circles around me when it comes to getting what she wants, said very smoothly and without missing a beat, that they had ALSO discussed the following Sunday, so she would just change it.  Sigh.  I will be surprised if my run-in shed is finished before the snow flies.


  1. Oh I would love to hear your Dad's stories! Isn't it awesome how each time they remember something else to toss in? Maybe to keep us paying guy.

    You are such a great daughter! And even tho it tries you sometime, I am gonna guess that you wouldn't trade it for the world! It was indeed productive regardless because your cozy turned out awesome!

  2. Lovely tea cozy, so nice to get something done while you wait :) My projects don't tend to be very portable so I usually just lose myself in a book...

  3. Ha I love these posts! I have really noticed such a difference in my parents, well mostly my dad, since I left home. When I left, Dad was a commuter wildly battling freeways in snow and ice with no problems in a little car, last time he was here he rented some big huge Mafia looking rig, shushed everyone in the car, and drove about 45 on the highway LOL! If we go to dinner back home when we visit my brothers and I like to pile in the backseat and act like we're little again, fighting and carrying on... Dad had to yell at us and my mom laughs the whole time, she thinks it's hilarious and dad will no longer drive a stickshift so mom is happy she has a Jeep all to herself now and told me dad refuses to use 5th gear when he was driving it before because his older cars didn't have it.... LOL!!! You are such a good daughter!

  4. APG - Yes, I do love the stories. My mom was in the Navy, too, but she didn't see much action - she worked in an office in Hawaii! She also suffers from sea sickness, so I'm not sure why she chose the Navy...

    Jenyfer - Yes, I could just see you sitting in a waiting room with your half-finished dresser!

    Erin - Your poor Dad, LOL! I am very glad my father doesn't insist that he drive. My nerves cannot take 35 mph in a 55 mph zone. I keep imagining being behind him.

  5. I wonder if your mom knew my aunt, she was in the navy about the same time ,than the naval reserves and worked at the VA hospital. she always tells the story of how she flew with just her and 400 men to Italy,but she remained faithful to my what was than,future uncle because she was engaged for 40 years,now no one would forget that gal, VIOLET BESTER

  6. Judy - I doubt if my mom would have met her as she went from basic to Hawaii and then back to Ohio when she was discharged. Your aunt sounds like a pistol!

  7. I am going to nominate you for the Congressional Medal of Honor for taking your parents and their friends to brunch. You will get four times the commentary on traffic patterns, speed, road conditions, etc :)

  8. You are a saint for doing all that stuff you know. And it is a good test of one's patience....think of it as meditation and a test of your mental willpower!

    Oh, and I see we're still being creative with the cussing, hugh?

  9. You're the best for doing all you do. I know it sometimes tries the patience, but later on, you'll be so glad you did all the things you did.
    I guess there's always NEXT YEAR to do the shed project....

  10. Love the tea cozy! And good for you for being such a good daughter. Besides, it makes good reading for the rest of us. :)

  11. We're all so proud of you for taking such good care of your folks...maybe you could hire us and WE could do the shed for you? ;) You are a doll and while you're so lucky to have your parents (with all their antics and craziness), they are pretty darn lucky they've got a daughter like you!!

  12. LOL - I was actually thinking about the giant quilts I am usually working on, not the dressers!

    And you are a good daughter. It is coming up on a year since my mother died. If she were still here, I'd take her anyplace she wanted to go...

  13. What a good daughter you are! Love the BANANA!! LOL!!

  14. Leigh is so right, your daily activities provide so much entertainment for all of us. I love your new swear words. You might want to add "horse feathers" as that one works exceptionally well for me.

    Taking such good care of your parents takes so much of your time and patience right now, but they won't be around forever. This stage of your life will pass, too, as time goes on. Keep "venting" here because we all know you don't mean it in a bad way. It just helps to keep you sane!

  15. Jane - Does it come with benefits? They are all fun, though I may sneak my iPod along.

    Carolyn - I tend to make lists in my head during times like that. Yes - I am going through my fruit period.

    Sue - I do appreciate having them around, though. They are two of my most favorite people.

    Leigh - I am all on fire over these tea cosies. Once I get past Thanksgiving, I may just sit and knit them by the dozens!

    MamaTea - You just bring all those cute farm boys down and we'll have a shed-raising! I am lucky to be able to spend time with them. Time goes awful fast and it's over before you know it.

    Jenyfer - Hahaha - I had forgotten about your beautiful quilts! And you are so right. As whiney has I can be sometimes, I wouldn't trade my time with them for anything in the world.

    Candy - Yes - I am working through my fruit period. Who knows what will strike next!

    Mama Pea - Horse feathers! That's an excellent choice. I will use it during my equine period! I can't tell you (all) how wonderful it is to be able to vent while you still appreciate the humor in it. I will have tons of good memories from this period of my life, I tell you.