Friday, April 20, 2012


A while back, I got wind of a great investment opportunity.  I am not a stock speculator nor, particularly, a risk-taker (at least with my meager funds.)  But I was happy to pony-up my small investment in reCap Mason Jars through Kickstarter.  As a small investor, I was excited to watch as her funding grew and her dreams were realized.  Plus it is such an incredibly COOL thing! 

The parent behind this brainchild, Karen Rzepecki, did a fabulous job keeping all her investors appraised of the steps involved in bringing reCaps from drawing board to reality.  And late last week I received the fruits of my investment - my very own reCaps!  Never mind that my friend and neighbor, Kay, got hers first.  Great minds think (and invest) alike!

You will notice that I do not have a natural talent for good my
egg basket totally screws up the picture.
 They are working on putting up their website, so I will keep checking in because I know I will be needing to order more (I will post it when it's up and running), and they have a facebook page ( and are on Pinterest (recapmasonjars).  They work marvelously and I know they will become one of my favorite 'tools'.  I think that Mason jars are the perfect drinking glasses, and salad dressing containers, and string holders, and, and, and good thing I have a ton of them!


  1. Huh. I can't seem to get to the reCap website. Either from your post or directly. Huh. Would like to learn more about them.

  2. Mama Pea - she said they had been working with Amazon (that's where the problem is) and it hadn't been resolved yet. I will post it when the web site is up and running. They are just the handiest things! I am hoping she come up with one that fits a wide-mouth jar next.

  3. I like that idea! I love my pint jars for drinking, and jelly!! I usually put a white plastic cover on them, but to have that kind of cover will open the door for more options!