Thursday, April 26, 2012

Waiting for Winter to loosen its death-grip on Spring.

That should be the theme song of April.  Let's see, what tune would be appropriate?  A dirge, I think. 

After a few brief but titillating warm spells, we have been stuck in a cold, windy, damp, cold - did I mention cold? - rut.  I refuse to buy fuel oil so we are hunkered down with the fireplace if it gets too bad - Scrappy is starting to riot.  Someone remind me to knit him a sweater for next winter.  The temperature bottomed out at 28 degrees this morning.  I believe my curly parsley is toast.  I am hoping that the strawberries can hold on for another week (please, God) and I am SO ready to plant.  I've got seed potatoes, packets of peas and onion sets staring at me from every drawer, root closet and corner. 

I got home last night to be greeted in the back by Linden.  Again.  I am so glad he's such a sunny, friendly boy.  I am also glad he didn't make his appearance known when the dogs were out relieving themselves after a long day of crossing their legs.  Luckily, Kay had stopped by and we managed to get him in with the goats.  Which, of course, sent Chicky into an uproar.  Much posturing, rearing and head-butting until good-natured Linden had had enough and went more than willingly into the sheep pen.  I did finally find his escape route - he had worked the fence up in a corner, dug out some of the dirt, and squeezed his not-small self underneath.  I patched it as well as I could until the weekend.  While I made a cursory inspection of the fence line, I did notice a few other weak spots, so I guess that "fencing" goes on the to-do list.

The cold frame continues to be the only salvation I have so far this Spring.  I was contemplating creating cold frames on all my raised beds since this seems to be the only way to get an actual crop of veggies (there, I've said it).  But, of course, as soon as I would go to the expense and time of actually building all the tops, we would get a prolonged heat wave.  So, there you are.  I am left grousing.

Sage, a year ago.
Speaking of grouse - I saw THREE ruffed grouses (grouse?) on my way home last night, along with two lovely male ring-necked pheasants.  It must be Spring.


  1. When hubby and I were gone in March to see the grandson, it was 80 degrees. Since returning home, it's 50's in the day and upper teens/low 20's at night. I should've stayed in Mesa.....................

    Hope spring finds you! And when it does, send some sunshine my way...

  2. So, it's not just the goats that are master fence-getter-outers?


  3. I am so glad to see that other farms have enforced segregation among the house and barn dwellers. I see all these pictures on other blogs of the dogs romping in bliss with the other farm creatures. Then I have to break the day up to fowl time, dog time, horse time, etc and never the two overlap. At least the veggies can be outside at all times. Whew! And I think Mama Pea hijacked our weather and sent her own to the easter states. Yup, we will blame it on her ;)

  4. Sue - It's quite a shock, isn't it? I am worried about the bees - it's too cold for them to get out and pollinate the flowers that have braved the weather here.

    CR - There are some mornings when I don't know what I would have done without you. This is one.

    Jane - Oh, yes. We have our alloted time - dogs first, then cats, then chickens, then sheep, then goats. As long as everything goes swimmingly, of course. Which is seldom. Thank goodness for veggies.

  5. I sure hope the weather warms up for you soon!
    The ice broke on the Santa Cruz river in Tucson this week, which means it got to 100 degrees.
    P.S. There is no actual water in the Santa Cruz river in Tucson, except during monsoon season... ;~)

  6. crazy indeed! Cold & damp here too, ugh!

  7. We had 80's then huge, heavy rain today, then 60's. Supposed to be 38 tonite. Back to the winter jammies and comforter!

  8. It's supposed to hit 91 this week here. Relish the cool weather!

  9. That goat picture is really sweet.

  10. Warm and cold seems to be going around. Along with wind and sun! It's coming right around the corner!
    The goat is cute too!

  11. Spring certainly doesn't seem to be cooperating. We've got the temps, but every time I plan to plant it rains!

  12. Good grief, I missed this post completely until I just happened to see it highlighted on someone else's blog! That's what happens when I get off my routine. (Mumble-grumble-grump.)

    This is supposedly the last day of our run of loveliness. Tomorrow starts a whole week of rain, rain, rain. BUT the good news is no more freezing temps at night! (If we can believe the forecast.) High 50s during the day, low 40s at night. I really pushed myself today knowing I might not be able to work outside this coming week. (Now I need to take some heavy pain meds. Just kidding.)

    Hope your weather starts behaving itself SOON!