Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Piles. And Local Gets Better.

Pile 'o Dirt.

Pile o' Hay.

My weekend involved piles.  A big pile of dirt was delivered early Saturday morning.  And 50 bales of hay were piled in front of and then stacked in the barn.   I am still working on the dirt - but I got a LOT done this weekend and learned a few things, too.  Such as:  allowing myself to think that 'just a half' of a NY bagel won't be bad - is wrong.  It is bad.  And I do mind.  And I promise not to do it again.  Also, after enduring a morning-to-afternoon onslaught by my neighbor and his chainsaw right across the road from me, I marched over in a semi-fumed state to request a moratorium for Sunday.   He stopped when he saw me, smiled and said that he was finished for the weekend and was going to the local quick-mart to get a beer - did I want one?  All the fume disappeared.  He brought back two bottles of locally-brewed brew and we sat on my dirty Adirondack chairs and contemplated the sheep.  And my dead pine tree.  And the potent wafts from the field next door that was liberally soaked with liquid manure.  The moment didn't last long, but the beer was excellent....heehee.


  1. Nothing like a smile and an offer of booze to calm the "savage" beast, huh?
    Sounds like a smart neighbor!

    I'm like you-nothing ruins a fine day working outside than the noise of a chainsaw (mower, blower, barking dog, etc etc etc)
    And aside from the barking, it's usually my darling hubby making all the racket. Sigh

  2. Ha-ha! As Sue said, if a chainsaw noise was rattling my nerves, I'd go entice my husband inside with the offer of fresh cookies! Or a beer.`

    Guess you're proving to yourself that your gluten-free diet is worth it. Well, maybe "worth it" is the wrong phrase . . . or not. I'm betting you're dropping some pounds by being on it as long as you have, no?

  3. Good thing I am not moving next to you and growing my 'veggies' ;) I would need cases of beer. We are always behind on wood cutting so it has to get in when it gets in. No wood= no heat, no hot water, or warm food. But we do try to at least wait until 8am:)

  4. I've heard that fences make good neighbors, but maybe the adage should be modified to include fences and a local brew.

  5. Sue - Yes, it can get pretty noisy on this street, between the chain saws, gravel trucks, large equipment, cows, chickens, roosters, small yappy dogs....sigh.

    Mama Pea - Oh, if only that were true. It seems that a craving for chocolate has crept into the space where the bread-lovin had been...

    Jane - You could grow your veggies any place near me. Veggies are quiet. I don't begrudge him cutting wood for fuel. But his is an 'ornamental' stove. Granted, he's almost got his wife talked into heating with it, but it would be nice to have, say, a couple hours of quiet.

    Charade - I think sharing a local brew across the fence with a neighbor would be perfect!

  6. Ha! Sounds like your fuming had great results, and a local beer even - he must really like you! :)

  7. Hard to stay angry with a person shoving a local brew into your paw!

  8. My husband working on his motorcycle used to have the same effect on me. I could only take so much revving and then the top would blow off my head. He has since sold it, and I don't miss it at all!

  9. Uh, you didn't crave bread AND chocolate at the same time?!? Hmmm...must be something wrong with me! LOL!!
    Smart neighbor soothing frayed nerves with a local brewski! :)