Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's Spring! it's winter. It's Spring! it's winter?

Criminy.  Saturday and Sunday - stiff breeze notwithstanding - were sunny and very conducive to outdoor labor.  Yesterday morning it was snowing.  On my way up the mountain, there was actually ground coverage!  {shudder} 

I made the most of my Saturday - I oozed out of Tai Chi class and went to visit the woman who had bred Sage and Chicky.  We straightened out a missing paperwork issue and had a nice visit.  I came dangerously close to pocketing a couple of 3-week old Nigerian Dwarf kids on the way out.  Then it was constructing the last of the two raised beds I am putting in this year, and I cut the pieces for a cold frame that I want to add at the side of the house - it's perfect: sheltered, a good amount of full, afternoon sun.  If there is any sun, that is.

Then Sage managed to squeeze out UNDER the fence.  Twice.  By that time, my energy level was starting to dip, so I put the garden cart on its side against the section of fence that she'd assailed all day.  I also visited Jasmine, who had given birth to a premature bull calf, five weeks early.  He didn't make it, which is just as well.  She is doing fine, however, so I am glad of that.  Her 'little' Alice, last year's calf, is a lovely heifer with brown and white spots and that doe-like Jersey face.  I will have to remember to take my camera into the barn with me.  I learned that the price of milk (paid to the farmer) has dropped again.  I don't know how small dairy farmers can make it.  My farmer supports two families (well, his wife has to work, too, and it's just his dad as the other 'family', but, still, it's a struggle.) and he always seems to be putting things together with duct tape and baling twine.  It's tough.  We're all keeping watch on the grass by now.  The cows will be happier, he will be happier, and I will be happier because they are all happier.

Kay helped me give both of the goats their follow-up Ivermectin and I got clocked in the eye by Chickie's horn.  Luckily, there is no black eye, but there is an alarming 'floater' every now and then.  I am keeping a close (inner) eye on it - pun intended - in case it doesn't go away or changes, but everything seems to be okay.  This farming business is dangerous!


  1. The weather back home in Michigan is flipflopping too. We are waiting it out in Iowa-eating more pie than my jeans seem to be able to contain. I can work outside in the 40's with no problem , but throwing snow into the mix kills any desire I have to prep vegetable beds . So pie it is. Join me? I've almost got Mama Pea convinced......

  2. Weird weather here in Indiana, too. I'm fighting off mosquitoes by day and dealing with freeze warnings by night-that's not supposed to happen!

  3. Oh my, take care of your eye!!

    Funny, the price of milk here at the store keeps going up. Figures that the farmer isn't seeing any of that price increase, ain't it?

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I had to come over and check out yours with a name like that for sure!
    Critters sure do keep you busy, but wouldn't change my lifestyle!
    I'm now following your blog!

  5. We're lucky to have a local dairy that makes milk that's close to organic, and I get my milk delivered. $2.50 per half gallon, and it's TOTALLY worth it. And about the same price as organic in the store. Where am I going with this... I guess I think it's worth the price for good milk.

  6. Sue - Oooh! I can eat the filling! Wouldn't that be a fun confab...

    HG - At least we don't have mosquitoes yet - they come after the dreaded black flies.

    CR - It's criminal. It's so obviously wrong that there really isn't any excuse for it to keep happening. Yet it does. Money, apparently, talks so loud that common sense is lost in the noise.

    SF - I LOVE your Jersey cow! Thanks so much for joining in!

    Linda - I think you're right. I would pay more for good milk, especially if it was local. I think they need to rethink the balance in who gets how much for what. The middle men need to give up more of their overblown profits to the farmer. The mega-dairies need to be squelched.

  7. About midnight we are supposed to have winds from the north and drop our temps WAY down, so I guess we are going to get the cold too (not snow though!), I swear I will never get those plants in this year!

  8. It was almost 80 today in Boise- spring/summer/spring/summer, ik. Take care of your eye!

  9. Susan'
    The weather is a YOYO! But the sunflowers are starting to come up and I had my Son's help today to sort the wood I have been able to pick up.
    We got about half the wood sorted out on pallets and there is more then I though. 2 X 4's, 1 X 6's, 4 X 4's and even 6 full sheets of plywood! Now maybe I can get started on the Chicken coop!

  10. I hope your eye is okay! Yikes!
    I got whacked in the ear by Abigail's horn the other day...I think she had finally had enough of my "help" with the new kids! LOL!!

  11. We always disbudded our goat kids because of the horror stories you hear of injuries (especially to small children) from their horns. They can also get themselves (the goats) in terrible trouble by getting their heads hung up by the horns. So glad you weren't injured more seriously.

    Regarding the milk prices for the farmers going down, the powers-that-be are doing everything they can to drive remaining small dairy farmers out of business. Bless all of them that are hanging in there, but I don't know how they do it.