Thursday, April 19, 2012

We should be very afraid.

It's easy to think, reading about the situation in Michigan and the war against Eat More Kale, that we don't live in the United States.  That, at some point when we weren't looking, our democracy was stolen and replaced by authoritarian rule.  This is nothing new.  It wasn't that long ago when the Feds were slaughtering sheep on a family farm in their role as "saviors".  It is insidious and it is not stopping.  It reminds me of one of my favorite song lyrics:  "we fell asleep at the sentry post, now we're toe-to-toe with what we fear the most."  It's very easy to get so busy just trying to get through the day that you don't pay attention to what is happening in your government.  And they are betting on just that fact.  Who has the money to pay the lobbyists to insinuate themselves next to our legislators?  A small farmer?  A homesteading family?  NOT!  It is my opinion that we are no longer a Democracy - we, the 99%, if you will - have almost no control over our lands, laws, food, health, you name it.  It's all being controlled by the 1%.

While our heads are down as we labor over our plows, they are playing fast and loose with what little freedom we have left.  And we let it happen.  It is really NOT enough to put our hands in our pockets and turn away because we don't think we have power and cannot change the course of things.  Let me tell you, we HAVE to.  Otherwise, all this great work we are doing, the good food we are growing and eating and sharing with others will not be allowed.  Who is to say which state will be the next "Michigan"?  Minnesota?  Idaho?  Oregon?  New York?  As someone living in New York - which likes to regulate every single thing it can - I keep a very uneasy eye on our legislature.  They are a sordid bunch who have a hand in everyone's pocket.  And I don't agree that it's 'Politics as Usual".  I didn't vote for some Cretan to be given free reign in the New York legislature.  I voted for someone who should represent me.  Me.  Not Monsanto.  Not the Agrimegabusinesses.  So I write letters and send email to my local representatives and to my national ones.  With access to the Internet, it is easy to find a site that will let you keep track of your legislators.  Most state legislatures have a web site that lets you track bills - spend a little time and find out what they're up to.  If they're up to no good, let them have it.  It's your right - use it while you still can.


  1. Well said, my friend. It's a scary situation to say the least. Don't the powers that be who are trying to do these insane, inhuman, ridiculous things know such leads to bloody revolution?

  2. Very
    In a line from a favorite book, "cheer up, you will soon be dead ". Yep, that is how I feel since I know that this will never get better. Not enough people will ever care about anything but TV, pop culture,fast cheap food, and all other basic nonsense. The dumbing down of America worked! There are so many incidents just like this going on everywhere dealing with things like water rights, who owns human genomes, mineral right seizures, I could go on and on. It just makes me physically sick.

  3. Mama Pea - There are times when I think it would serve them right, if we rose up and threw them out on their collective ass.

    Jane - It makes me mad and breaks my heart. But I believe in fighting back. One can only hope that there will be enough of us to make a noise that can't be muted.

  4. I cannot agree with you more. The war on small farms is raging and most people either don't know, or don't care. Legislation is making it illegal for kids to work on their own family ranches and farms and infringing on our rights to make our own choices in what to eat, drink, or do for a living. I am so afraid for the future of my grandkids, in this trend toward government control. I pray 2012 will bring voters out and install someone who can stem the tide, if not reverse it.

  5. Thanks very much for this post, Susan. Just today I was writing about what's going on at Bakers Green Acres (as just the latest in a series of insidious attacks on small farmers both north and south of the border). This kind of legislated action brought on by Big Ag is truly terrifying. In Canada, there is talk about how much our government is outwardly supporting small farmers, while at the same time implementing legislation & policy that only serves to "depopulate" (a term used by a government insider) farms under 1,000 acres. It is our right to fight back and we have to, because if it can happen to one small farm/homestead, it can happen to anyone's.

  6. On one of the goat discussion lists had people on it who absolutely didn't believe the government would do such a thing.

    The problem with politicians is that they are only interested in protecting their own interests. They are so hand in hand with big business, but why is that a surprise when we elect businessmen to office?

  7. I think the political system is way past broekn with these kinds of things. I think we all need to pressure the local politico yokels and keep em in line, as much as possible...

  8. I'm afraid I have to agree with Jane, once again. While I do believe we have to keep fighting - I also think that our culture is too far gone to recover. I hate to sound depressing or a doomsdayer but... when people care more about a sports statium than they do about good food - well, it's pretty much a done deal. Yes, VERY sad state of afairs!

  9. I think part of the problem is that most people in this country have become so far removed from "the farm" and where food really comes from that they don't understand the problems facing small farmers and, of course, the politicians don't care...after all, we all live in the "fly-over zone" and aren't important!!

  10. Even the little fight is so hard to come face to face with!
    "You can't fight city hall" has been around for as long as there has been a government.
    Locale Lady fighting for the right to own Chickens in the city! Will she win? Doubt it! The little guy never wins!

  11. Unfortunately, I think too many people think "whatever - that doesn't effect me" - whether that refers to small farms, privacy issues, or the "war on women" legislation. However if you let one thing in, more stuff just creeps in and before you know it you have no rights left at all.

    It does seem hopeless at times...

  12. While I know that it seems hopeless and that we may not see big changes in our lifetime, we really have to make whatever noise we can. Look at it this way - as bad as it is, we still live in a country where we CAN make noise. Lots of people have lost their lives ensuring that remaining freedom for us. It is definitely worth trying.