Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rolling with the punch.

There are some weeks where you question whether or not you have ticked off the universe.  I am sure my rascally youth is coming back to bite me. 

I am dealing with Diaper Boy again.  Yes, Scrappy is up to his old antics.  I gave him the benefit of the doubt and did a urine analysis.  Think:  woman+dog+soup ladle.  It came back negative.  Since nothing is every un-complicated, I either have to diaper him up or put him in his crate.  Diaper: he squirms out of it within minutes of me leaving the house.  Crate: causes great angst in Bernie, who then chews up things that are bad for her.  So now I am crating them both.

Sneezing Cat.  All of a sudden, Slimmie is sneezing.  A lot.  I've checked for runny eyes and nose, and so far, just sneezing.  I have to make an early morning appointment for him.  I don't like respiratory ailments left unchecked.

Sick Lamb.  This morning, Linden was uncharacteristically low-key.  He was curled in a ball under the tree, shivering.  Everyone else was eating and romping.  So, a call to the other vet and a wrestling match to take his temperature and splurt some maple syrup down his gullet to stimulate his appetite.  Temperature was normal and he seemed to like the maple syrup.  So did Bartlett and Juno, who mobbed me when I had Linden in a half-nelson.  Apparently, the 'stimulus' of having a cold thermometer put where the sun don't shine, followed by a dose of maple syrup was enough, at least, to get him on his feet.  But he was still rather lethargic.  I am sure that this weather doesn't help.  It's been almost non-stop cold, damp windy weather.  An hour later, Linden was standing on Hoosier, chewing on his ears.  Not exactly bouncing, but looking better.  Since I have a limited amount of time I can take off from work, I decided to go in and asked Melanie to meet the vet when she came.  But, I tell you, it can just tear at you when you have to leave an animal under your care that is not up to par.

I am hoping that the old adage of bad things coming in threes holds true!


  1. I'm sorry for all the troubles and most of all that you can't BE there! Glad my twin sis is close enough to help; I certainly would help, too, if I were closer.

  2. Poor little buggers! Why is it that bad things come in threes but good ones are so seldom? Why do we have to work a all?

    Wishing you warm weather, healthy animals, and the Lotto! :)

  3. When it rains it pours. I hope all your ailing animals get well real quick.

  4. Sick lamb, sick cat. Well, you know you'd never forgive yourself if later it turned into something serious and you didn't get them both checked out. So you've gotta bite the bullet and do whatever is necessary, both financially and calling on a favor from a friend, to make sure they're okay. As for Diaper-Boy, geesh, sometimes you just can't see or find any logical explanation for what animals do. Maybe bad things are happening all at once so you'll have a smooth sailing period next. Hope so.

  5. Oh I hope everything turns out okay, I know it makes me just about frantic when my animal friends are hurting.

  6. oh yeah... even though they eat my glasses :)

  7. Michelle - I don't know what I'd do without your twin here to help. She's the greatest!

    APG - Well, I'm glad to report that by the time the vet and Melanie got there, Linden was spring loaded again. Yes, the lotto. I have to remember to play it...

    Jane - Yes, it's the darn rain, all right. We're all feeling peaky.

  8. Mama Pea - that's why I have an emergency fund. Which is quickly dwindling. I am relieved that Diaper Boy doesn't have a physical problem, though. Now to put him on the couch and find out what's troubling him.

    Erin - It's amazing how we love them no matter what - chewed glasses or 'watered' upholstery.