Thursday, April 21, 2011

Special Delivery.

Busy morning here.  Cocoa delivered twins - both moorit coloring, one of each.  The ram lamb has his father's markings in reverse - he's brown with light tan circles around his eyes, on his ears and down his face.  Of course, it was 37 degrees and sleeting - at least she had them in the hoop house - but I've just finished disinfecting their umbilical cords and slipped them into the two remaining clean sweaters.

Ewe lamb in blue and ram lamb in brown.

Linden at 18 days on the left.

In between trips from house to sheep, the phone rang.  It was the post office - our layer chicks had arrived!  I decided to let Cocoa clean up her lambs and recover her poise (she is very skittish still) while I drove up to get the chicks.  Here they are - Welsummers, Rhode Island Reds and two Speckled Sussex.

 Marianne will be coming over to get hers and I am raising a few for my sister, who is joining the chicken-owners family!  I am now going to have my second cup of coffee.


  1. What a great start to the day! Congrats, now you better get busy :)

  2. Busy morning!? Holy Karumba!! Couldn't you think of anything else to throw in there??

    Yesterday was the first possible date our new chicks would arrive . . . but they didn't. Now we wait until May 3rd.

    Congrats on your two new little lambies. Linden looks HUGE! And your sheep yard looks so nice and clean . . . despite the sleet and yucky damp weather. Lucky animals!

  3. Congrats on the new babies, both lambs and chicks.

  4. Those babies are so cute. You are really have an exciting spring, although some of it I am sure you could have done with out ;)

  5. I love spring~! No livestock here on our farm of 40 acres,, But as I travel down the road I see all the lambs being born and they are so precious.. Yesterday I was with grandson, Ben who is 4 and we stopped by the road so we could watch.. The new babies were jumping around and they were so cute. Ben thought they were so funny.
    Have a tiggeriffic day~! This is a busy time for you and it's so wonderful I'm sure to see new life being made on your farm.
    ta ta for now...from Iowa:)

  6. Thanks everyone - I'm in for clean jeans (lambing is a messy business) and to check email. And to thaw my hands. What a nice, raw, windy, crappy day. Cocoa has taken her lambs in the hoop house, smart maamaa.

  7. Nothing like a slow start to the day....

  8. Awe!! Must.Get.More.Animals.

    Note to self. Gosh those are all too darn cute! Congrats!