Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sheep Things.

We are at three lambs and holding.  It's hard to tell who will go next -- Cocoa or Juno.  But it will be a little while, in any event.  Yesterday, the sweaters came off as we are supposed to have some more appropriate weather for the season.  Here are some shots taken yesterday morning.

Sweet face and lovely fleece.

Nice place for a nap.
Is that a cookie in your pocket?

Enjoying the sun - one last shot with a sweater!

On Monday, to celebrate the arrival of lambs, I wore these to work:

I apologize - they're a little out of focus.  They are the cutest earrings ever!  Melanie's mother makes them from beads.  The detail is wonderful - they have dear little faces.  They were quite a hit at the office.


  1. I dont know how you ever make it into the house. I would be sleeping out with the sheep because they are so cute! I just couldn't pull myself away :)

  2. We've never raised sheep . . . well, 'cept for raising a couple of lambs over summer for butchering . . . but your pictures are so darned enticing that if Jane will move over I'm gonna lie right down in that sheep pen. Golly-gosh, I wish we lived next door to each other. It would be so much fun to work together on projects, both work-type and animal-type.

  3. Jane - Thank goodness no one in my office really looks at me. They would notice the mismatched socks and hair slightly askew. I'm lucky I have time to put shoes on in the morning!

    Mama Pea - Oh, so do I. It would be just fabulous to have you next door!

    Erin - They are already nibbling on hay!