Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Agony of De Feet.

Actually, de feet ain't as bad as de fingers!  The circulation is not great in my 'extremities' - I love that word - it makes your hands and feet sound  Ergo, this frigid weather wreaks havoc on fingers and toes when they have to clomp around in the snow and handle water, hay, latches, doors, etc.  Gloves are strictly out, as my fingers turn to icicles within seconds.  Mittens work well, but it's like working with packing crates at the end of your arms.  So I keep looking for the perfect glove/mitten/hand thing-y.  What do y'all wear on your "extremities" in frigid weather?

On an entirely different topic, my baking countdown is giving me the willies.  I found myself wide awake at 3:30 this morning, going over my list(s).  I've opted for sweet/savory treats this year, as opposed to baking a dozen different kinds of cookies.  I find cookie-baking mind-numbing.  I don't mind eating them, mind you, but baking them irritates me - all that shuffling around of baking sheets, spatula-ing off endless discs onto cooling trays, keeping them out of paws' way.  I digress.  I am on my fifth nut mix.  It's fun!  And healthier, if you watch the salt and butter.  And use only dark chocolate...I am trying to make this a healthier Christmas while still keeping the treats a treat.


  1. Yup, gloves make fingers into instant icicles. Mittens are the only way to stand a chance. Up here (near the tundra) choppers are the hand covering of choice. Do you know choppers? They are a leather mitten with a wool mitten inside as a liner. Often the wool liner is felted. They really are the warmest thing I've found but . . . you always end up having to take (at least) one off when dexterity of the finger extremities is required.

    Nut goodies sound good but ouch! the price of nuts right now! (So what ISN'T expensive?!)

  2. I'd never heard of choppers - but I am going to get me some! I think I might also try to make a pair of double-felted mittens. If I dare... I buy nuts at one of those warehouse stores; otherwise I wouldn't be able to afford them. Everything IS so expensive now, isn't it?

  3. Cookies? What cookies? I had an unintentional boycott this year. I didn't mean to skip it, it just sort of happened! Ooops!

    I've never heard of choppers either. But my favorite mittens have a flap that pulls down over a half-glove. So you can flip the mitten part up and tuck it in the little strap when you need your hands to function, then cover them back up! I love'em!

  4. My bah humbug theory is.......if you bake goodies, you are only enabling those who cannot resist them to indulge.