Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The lists are getting longer.

I am about to take my first non-sheep, non-working vacation in a very long time.  I am going to see Maine for the first time ever with a very dear friend who will be (sigh) moving there as soon as her house sells.  While I am excited to go, it also has me tied in knots.  This is what happens when you don't leave the farm for a loooong time.  The vacation has necessitated the making of many lists.  I have the "To Do Before I Leave" list, the "What to Pack" list, the "Main List" for the farm sitter, the "Misc. List" for the farm sitter, the "Quirks of the House List" for the farm sitter, the "In Case of Emergency List" for the farm sitter.   This last one is giving me the willies.  And causing a complete lack of sleep.  My farm sitter is a capable, energetic 23 y/o farmer who farm sits in the winter while her fields are sleeping.  I am trying to relax and let go and it is akin to peeling someones death-grip off a steering wheel at the brink of an abyss.  Okay, it's not really that bad.  I should concentrate on my "What to Pack" list - that is much more positive - knitting projects, 100 crossword puzzles I haven't had the time to work on, a book I've been dying to read "The Forgotten Pollinators", camera (pictures to come when I get back), and my trip itinerary that doesn't have one farm- or animal-related chore on it, and some non-kitten time to work on a writing project.  I'm sure I will be fine.  Now, where did I put that large bottle of Rescue Remedy???


  1. "Non-sheep vacation" LMBO! Love that new term :) One of the biggest things I worry about when we make our leap one day is that we will never be able to leave to go anywhere, and finding a good responsible person to look after chores if we go somewhere. I hope your farm sitter does a wonderful job, nice to have that resource in your pocket if needed and it not be a stressful event. Enjoy your break!

  2. I love love love Maine, so once you get there all will be forgotten. I have never been there this time of year, so take lots of pictures to post. If we ever move from this farm, we are moving to Maine. Have fun and everything will be fine.

  3. Feel free to add my name to the "In case of emergency list". In fact, if my name's NOT on the list, I will pout...

  4. Melanie, you are on the list - don't pout...

    Jane, you are so right. I will L.U.V. it once I can get over this angst.

    Erin, I think with young kids, being able to get off the farm once in a while is necessary. It took me 4 years to find someone other than a relative. I would have loved to have had my sister stay, but she now has a job that makes it impossible. Of course, it has nothing to do with the fact that I didn't have to pay her....

  5. Some vacations (always my husband's work or family related) I manage not to think about all the critters I left behind, but most I don't. I almost always miss my animals, and gravitate toward any animals I see on the trip to get a little "fix" to hold me till I get home.

  6. Yes, Michelle. I doubt they will be out of my mind. I can just see myself walking the streets of South Portland, falling all over every dog I see. Doubt there will be many sheep, alas.

  7. Oh you poor thing! I can feel your agony! Well hopefully all your lists, especially emergency, will not be needed.

    Going away is alot of work, and of course coming home is too! But the best part is the 'being gone' and regardless of your worries, you will have a spectacular time and I can't wait to see the great stuff you take pictures of!

    Please make sure "Camera" is on the list and stapled to your forehead.

  8. I shouldn't admit it ('cause it makes it seem like there's something "wrong" with us) but I cannot remember the last time we took what anyone would call a vacation. We talk about it but don't know what one does on a vacation anymore. (Send psychiatric help, please.)

    Sounds as if you have a farm sitter that is extremely capable . . . for which you should be very grateful. Them kinda folks are hard to find!

    Let me know if I can send a homeopathic remedy for anxiety attacks. But that will be needed only to get you out the door. Once gone, YOU WILL BE FINE. Have a wonderful time!