Friday, June 13, 2014

Bits and Bobs

Rain again today - I am forced to clean the house.  It seems so odd to do something that doesn't involve getting my hands in dirt.  Oh.  Wait.  Nevermind.

On the list today is to take the dogs (including the now miraculously improved Scrappy) over to M's farm so that they can run around like maniacs (under supervision) and pee on everything.  We are running into a problem with deer damage in the orchard.

Besides the aforementioned housecleaning, my 'staycation' plan is to go shopping.  My wardrobe is in desperate need of an infusion and, while I approached shopping without Sylvie with trepidation, it must be done.  Also, I am notoriously cheap and I am allergic to malls.  This presents quite a challenge.  We'll see if I am up to it.

As I replenished the Boyz' food dishes this morning (grain free rabbit/chicken kibble), it occurred to me that they should make cat food that makes more sense - chipmunk/carp; squirrel/mouse.  Let's face it, I could provide an endless supply of all of the above, with the exception of the carp.  I am sure they will never do it because our delicate sensitivities make us think we need to feed our cats/dogs the same food we eat.  Have you ever opened a can of cat food (or dog food) and recognized the contents as salmon au jus (other than the unnaturally nuclear glow pink)?  Let's get real, folks.

"I think that's a terrible idea."
Today I will harvest my first kale.  Thanks to a diligent application of crushed egg shells and DE, I am gaining on the slugs.  Just in case, I have a back-up container of Sluggo.  I intend to eat the fruits (and veges) of my labor this year.  I've ordered a giant amount of red pepper to insure that I will have strawberries.  While the apple trees look pretty sparse in the fruit area this year, berries are going to be bountiful.

Today I close with a remembrance.  A year ago today, my dear friend, Kay, was ripped out of our lives.  There is not a day that goes by that I am not reminded of her.  She was so tightly woven into my life that there is no way I will ever forget her.  She was one-of-a-kind.  I hope she is in a beautiful place, able to look down and feel all the love that her family and many friends send her way every day.  I miss you mightily.


  1. We want pictures showing evidence you truly did go clothes shopping (without Sylvia - sigh). Pictures, pictures, we want PICTURES!

    Our chipmunk population this year seems to be under control. But the pine squirrels! There has very obviously been a new hatch because we are truly over-run with the rodents. "Something" may have to be done.

    Such a sweet, loving tribute to Kay. Perhaps we are not meant to comprehend, but I do not understand why things like that happen. I pray her family is doing well.

  2. Geez-Mama Pea said it better than I ever could. Can I just say "ditto"?

  3. Great idea about pet food! I get a lot of things fro thrift stores, and discount stores (Ross). I detest the malls, ugh. So plastic and disgustingly artificial. I swear there's subliminal messages playing non-stop:
    you know you want to spend more
    you'll look great in that
    who cares if you don't need it!
    Get another credit card to pay for it

  4. Time does pass along so fast, doesn't it? It seems just like yesterday that some of my loved ones left.

    I feel the same way you do about shopping and malls. When I am forced to it, I'll go into one of the department stores from their outside exits. I don't even know how many years its been since I was actually in the interior of a mall.

  5. Oh my, it's been a full year already since Kay was taken from you & her family. I hope that everyone can cope as best as possible, but still remember her and what she meant to you.
    As for the chipmunk cat food? I think you should get that little sharp shooter & start a homegrown/homemade cat food company & call it "Wild Kitty Wild Food" or something like that.
    Ever can rodent in the pressure canner???

  6. Cleaning the house. Yuck. weeding the garden sounds like more fun to me too!
    Don't have animals that eat canned food, but I can only imagine what is in them.. and the smell. eewwww
    Sorry for the loss of your friend.

  7. Susan,

    I'm so sorry about Kay, sending hugs your way.

    I absolutely hate clothes shopping, if I could get someone to shop for me I would love it but that's not going to happen. I've found a wonderful 2nd hand shop and the clothes are name brand top of the line and extreme discount prices.

    You could make your own cat food with those darn chipmunks and even squirrels, whatcha think......

  8. I love my garden chipmunk and even leave food out for him. Aside from planting sunflower seeds in odd places, he doesn't do any harm. But the deer are massively overpopulated so I think venison should be in all dog/cat foods. The only predator for a deer here is a speeding minivan. I am so sorry about Kay. Life is rotten sometimes.