Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Day.

 I was in full bustle-mode today.  Two loads of laundry washed and hung up, chicks digs cleaned, dogs walked.  Then off I went!

Garlic scapes for DS Melanie.
Kale for Mom.

On the road heading to
Lanesboro, MA.

Waiting in line at the feed store.

Two of my favorite people - Aunt Josie (L)
and my mom.

My favorite dog (don't tell Scrappy
and Lovey) - My Aunt's dog, Duffy.

Making a hedgerow of  extremely thorny weeds
in M's blueberry patch.

Taking a break and enjoying
the view (and the breeze).

Final stop at DS Melanie's to drop off

DS Melanie's CUTIE PIE lambs!  None made
it into my pockets...
I am now safely and totally ensconced in my little house.  I am not setting foot out of it for the rest of the day - what little there is left of it.  Tomorrow - adventures in goat milking... stay tuned...


  1. You couldn't coax one of those lambs into the back seat for a ride to your house?

  2. Always glad to hear of someone taking a moment to enjoy the view!

    What a nice day out! Enjoy the rest of the weekend...
    : )

  3. I love to sit for a spell on the porch after a long day outside working.

  4. What beautiful country you live in. Not enough people take time to LOOK at the country.
    Nice lambs too!

  5. Susan,

    Stopping and enjoying the nice breezy is just relaxing when living or working out in the country.

    Did you steal.......ooops, I mean borrow your friends sheep??

    Have a great weekend.