Sunday, June 22, 2014


As mentioned yesterday, DS Melanie hatched one lone home chick from the LLF.  Seeing as she is a warm-hearted woman, she (and her DD Madison) bequeathed me another chick so that homechick won't be lonesome.

The slightly larger chick to the left is Homie - gender unknown.  S/he is an Ameracauna/Blue Laced Red Wyandotte cross, the mother being, most likely, Screaming Meemie.  Figures.  She is a lovely blue-grey bird with full beard.  Every time, however, I happen to enter the (large) coop when she is in a nesting box (far away from me), she screams bloody murder and rockets out.  Let's hope this is not a genetic trait.

Homie's sidekick (who looks - shudder - like a chipmunk) is a Brown Leghorn (or, Legern as we say).  They are settling in, with Homie making some extremely loud peeps.  Sigh.

As an added benefit, I got to see DS Melanie's spring crop of Shetland lambies.  OMG.  I will have to say that Shetland lambs are the cutest things EVER.  She had to check my pockets before I could leave.


  1. Hmmm, didn't you just get rid of some screaming livestock?

  2. i would love to see shetland lambies! did you take any pics?

  3. You do seem to tend towards ending up with "vocal" animals in your menagerie! But you have to admit those sounds do add a lot of life to a homestead. No? You say you could stand some peace and solitude while sipping your glass of vinho verde?

  4. Blogger has a bug and doesn't list updates to my reading list. But since I knew you were posting every day (and inspired me to), I came on over without Blogger's help. You better have photos of Melanie's lambs! Not likely that SHE will post them (and I do understand that she's got a lot on her hands).